Peta Murgatroyd And Charlie White Getting Along Like A House On Fire, New DWTS Blog

Peta Murgatroyd has written a new blog at People. She talks all about James Maslow and how proud she is of him. She also talks about Charlie White…her switch up partner!! It’s a “strange feeling” dancing with him, but….well, see for yourself below…

But I can’t make all the talk about James. I have to focus my energy on a different partner this week for cast change-ups.

It’s a very strange feeling being paired with Charlie [White] this week. We get along like a house on fire. He’s so funny and so sweet, but I’m still obviously in contact with James. We’ve been texting and calling each other just to check up and see how each other’s dances are going. It’s just weird because I’m thinking about camera blocking and how I’m not going to be with James. I’m going to be with Charlie, and even though it isn’t what I’m used to, it’s been a ton of fun.

Charlie has a crazy schedule, so it’s been a hell of a week. We’re performing a rumba and it’s looking really, really good. I’m very impressed with him. It’s Disney week, so we’re excited about that.

Charlie is such a hard worker. I feel like I’ve had a pro-dancer in the room with me. He’s literally a dancer. I don’t have to teach him much at all. He just does it. I’ve been very lucky.

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