DWTS Season 21 Rumors And Watchout: Lindsay Lohan, Nick Jonas, Shay Mitchell???

Sometimes “coincidences” can’t be ignored. Know what we mean? Bear with us as we explain…

Apparently, a PR person for Dancing With The Stars is following Lindsay Lohan. This might mean nothing, but, as many Dancing With The Stars die hard fans know, Lindsay Lohan has been rumored to dance in several seasons and even turned down a very lucrative offer one time according to TMZ. Even more interesting is that this PR person also recently followed Nick Jonas who has performed on Dancing With The Stars in the past, but, is it possible he could be dancing too?

DWTS Rumors1

This PR person is also following Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe who has been rumored to dance this season….

DWTS Rumors2

Are you still following? I hope so because guess what? Nick Jonas has very recently followed SHAY MITCHELL who is another celebrity rumor this season….

DWTS Rumors3

So many coincidences!! Let us know what you think? Here is Miss Heidi and Court with their thoughts…

Heidi: The only one I see as potentially unlikely (how’s that for some odd grammar?) is Nick Jonas. Isn’t he the Jonas that is actually making some headway in a solo career?? Then again…we’ve heard casting make comments indicating that they can’t believe they got certain people. Also have to keep in mind that it seems unlikely that Nick and Shay would know the other is going to be on DWTS. It’s a bit too far out for that. Anyway, the reason I am pointing these things out is so that no one gets too carried away…but I told Vogue to write up a post because there are a few too many coincidences here. Perhaps Nick joined the show and read rumors about Shay…or there is just some young Hollywood connection going on there. It’s all very curious, for sure.

Courtney: Verrrry interesting indeed – and if I recall, it was about 5 years ago that a certain other casting/PR person at ABC followed the entire cast of season 11, about 2 weeks PRIOR to the casting announcement. So it may not be totally off-base.  Shay seems like low-hanging fruit – in other words, really wants to do the show, hooked in with both Brandt and Janel, and basically a “gimme” for DWTS casting.  Perhaps La Lohan has finally either a) gotten to a peaceful place in her life, b) is broke and needs the money, or c) both – it’s not at all unusual for a cast member to be rumored for YEARS before they actually turn up on the show.  As for Nick – kinda on the fence about this one, but his brother did do Celebrity Apprentice last season, so perhaps that took away any potential stigma…he also recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years, so maybe he has a bit of extra time on his hands? 🙂 But if I recall, he is on a show on another network…maybe he’s another Amber Riley-type situation? I’m kinda excited if they really did manage to cast him – dude has…matured well.  And makes me feel like a bit of a dirty ol’ lady 😉