Some Of Your Dancing With The Stars Favorites At The Grove In LA Wednesday Night

Not sure what this is about, but, if you live in and/or are visiting the Los Angeles area, be sure to check it out.

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ETA: Apparently, Val, Witney and Sharna are going to be there as well…from DWTS snapchat:

It’s about that time #dwts #dancingwiththestars

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ETA2: Artem will be there too…

Sasha Farber and Brittany Cherry have instagrammed that they will be at The Grove too. Also, if you’d like to take part in this event, you can register here. Though be sure to show up just to watch as well.

ETA4: If interested, tune into US Weekly Facebook HERE for live coverage at 5:00pm Pacific time….

ETA5: Lawd Jesus, this post is getting long.  Thanks to @clairecharness for tweeting me this – Sharna posted this on Instagram the other day when they announced the Dance Lab, and she tagged a bunch of people.  Apparently she quickly removed the tags shortly thereafter, and the post now only has @thegrovela, @dancingabc, & Artem tagged.  It’s interesting to see who was and wasn’t tagged – no Tony, no Keo, no Sasha; although Sasha did tweet that he would be at The Grove tonight.  So for those keeping track, the following are pros/troupe members/whatever that have confirmed (via Twitter, Instagram etc.) they will be at the Grove or have been tagged by others as being there: Val, Sharna, Witney, Mark, Lindsay, Artem, Gleb, Jenna, Alan, Hayley, Allison, Sasha, Brittany, Shannon; Dennis tweeted to tell people to watch his Snapchat, but didn’t specify why. Kiril appeared in the picture of the troupe that @DancingABC posted when they announced the Dance Lab, but hasn’t said anything; Keo, Karina, Edyta, Tony, & Emma have neither said they’d be at the Grove, nor been tagged by anyone. Peta is, of course, pregnant, and presumably out for the season.  Any questions? -Court-