DWTS Season 23 Watch Out – Ryan Lochte To Dance On Dancing With The Stars?

Ryan Lochte has announced he’s moving to California after the Olympics. Maybe this is nothing, but, could it really be because he might be dancing in Dancing With The Stars Season 23? We better put Ryan on a “watch out” especially when he’s been heavily rumored in the past. Thanks to Kristyn Burtt for the heads up.

Team USA’s Ryan Lochte, the 2nd most decorated male Olympic swimmer of all time, has announced his intention to move to California following the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Lochte, who won his 12th career Olympic medal as a part of the USA’s 4×200 free relay, has spoken in the past about wanting to live on the West Coast.

“On my bucket list it’s always been to go to the west coast, so, California here I come,” said Lochte in an interview with NBC.

ETA: Who know is this is true or not, but, Hollywood Life is reporting producers have taken the offer to Ryan off the table. Note how they mention the show is considering making an offer to Katie Ledecky(this is a new one) or Simone Biles (which we reported on).

“Dancing with the Stars producers have asked Ryan [Lochte] before in years past and always got a ‘No,’” a show insider told HollywoodLife.com exclusively — but this year it was different and it actually looked “like it was going to happen this season.” However, after the drama around his robbery going down in Rio, that all chanced. “The controversy happened in Rio and they have taken the offer off the table,” our source added.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t see any Olympians on the dance floor. The ABC show is actually “looking to offer both Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles the chance to be on the show,” our source says, adding they’d love both, but of course would be happy with either.

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