PureDWTS Season 23, Week 7 – The Team Dances REVEALED!!!! **SPOILERS**

Ok kids, since it’s likely well into the late hours of the evening (or the wee hours of the morning, depending on what time zone you’re in), I’ll get right to it – after Monday night’s show, the couples picked teams for the team dances next week.  By virtue of having the two highest cumulative point totals (186 and 184 points, respectively), Laurie and James were appointed the team captains (for those curious, the 3rd place finisher, with a distant 171 points, was Jana). Here’s how the teams shook out after all the picking was done…

ETA: It appears they are sticking with the eras theme for the team dances, with Laurie’s team’s era being “the future” and James’s team’s era being “the past”.  Source said Team Future’s music is instrumental, and is some very weird, electronica, futuristic song that made both Val and Derek cringe and facepalm when they heard it.  Good luck with that one, guys. Source also confirmed that the dances are freestyles again.  No word on what the other team’s song is, yet. -Court-

ETA2: Maybe it’s the unfortunate effects of these new migraine meds, but I seriously teared up upon hearing that James’ team has the theme from Outlander as their music – I adore both the book series and the TV series, and I’m having serious visions of Hinch, Ryan, Calvin, & Artem decked out in kilts & tartans…the song is absolutely beautiful, and lends itself nicely to Viennese waltz.  I daresay they got the better song of the two – the theme and costuming are basically pre-determined.  Meanwhile, source says Team Future thinks their music sounds “like Hunger Games mixed with church music”, while DT himself/herself thinks the music “sounds like Riverdance at a nightclub in outer space.”  Some of you have been speculating about who got first pick – source isn’t sure, but thinks Laurie may have picked Terra, Marilu, and then Jana, in that order.  Source also thinks the music may have been assigned to them, rather than letting them pick it. -Court-

Team Future: (song: some weird, instrumental electronica piece not immediately recognizable)

Laurie & Val
Marilu & Derek
Jana & Gleb
Terra & Sasha

Team Past: (song: “The Skye Boat Song” by Raya Yarbrough – theme from Outlander)

James & Sharna
Calvin & Lindsay
Ryan & Cheryl
Maureen & Artem

As of right now, we don’t know anything about dance styles, songs, team names, the order in which the teams were picked, etc., but we will update this post with that information if/when that information becomes available to us.  Based on what Tom said during the show last night, we know that the couples’ individual dances next week will be decade-themed, so it’s possible the team dances will be as well.


It’s past midnight and we are just wrapping up for team #past haha! #dwts

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Double the dances next week means twice the fun! Here’s your first group – Meet #TeamFuture. ?? #DWTS

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