DWTS Season 24: Las Vegas Lays Odds on the Couples Before Week 1

Well, lets see what the odds makers have come up with for this season…and how we feel about those odds. We usually disagree, I think mainly because the people who come up with them are not fans of the show and seem to base betting on their knowledge of the celeb. And right on Bovada Sports book, where these came from, it says that it changes by performance when there is so much more to the show. 🙂  These are the odds to WIN the show, not a ranking although we tend to look at it as a ranking.

Simone Biles          +200
Heather Morris     +500
Bonner Bolton       +700
Normani Kordei    +700
Erika Jayne             +750
Charo                       +800
Nancy Kerrigan    +1000
Rashad Jennings +1200
Nick Viall              +1600
David Ross           +1600
Chris Kattan         +2000
Mr. T                      +2500

Oddly enough, they could have the top 4 right! They *could*…I still think that either Normani or Heather are going to go out at the quarterfinals or earlier. I don’t think the show can sustain that many ringers and there are three in their top 3. On top of the numerous ringers, there is a ton of personality in this cast, both male and female. And absent some kickass choreo, personality can go a long way.

That said…not as far as Charo, I don’t think. 🙂 They think she’s gonna take both Rashad and Nancy?? That strikes me as wrong, but I guess we’ll have to see. I usually have a much better feel for how it’s going to shake out after week 2.

Vogue: Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever been so conflicted about what the odds should be? For what we have in dance ability this season (whether they are young or older), they make up with the entertainment or charisma factor. I think the odds makers have it right with the first two. Then again, I’m getting a Hope Solo vibe with Heather in that she won’t be very well liked. I think I’d put Normani at #2 or #3. I think Rashan could make it to the top 3 or 4 too. I think they have the last four right except for Mr. T. I can’t imagine him being ousted first. I also wonder on Charo? Like Miss Heidi, I would think Nancy and Rashad would beat her for sure. I can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts on this. *so conflicted*

Courtney: Pump those brakes, Vegas – no way I see Charo doing that well. I’d put her maybe above Chris Kattan, and I’d actually move Mr. T up a few spots – I think he’ll be a nostalgic favorite, even if he isn’t a fantastic dancer. I’d switch Heather & Normani – seems to be a lot of skepticism from fans about Heather being a professional dancer already, and if these annoying Harmonizers that seem to be coming out of the woodwork are any indicator, Normani may have some staying power; and I’d bring Rashad up – from what I’ve seen so far, he’s actually showing some promise. Erika should probably drop down a bit; the one I’m left not really sure how to feel about is Nancy – I think she has the talent to do well, but I’m very skeptical about how her pro is going to harness it…and whether they’re going to get along well.