Dancing with the Stars, The All Athletes Season – PRO WATCH!!!

It’s time! Time to come back from your vacation and start chatting DWTS once again. 🙂 So, how ya’ll been? 🙂 I’ve been on something of a vacation from DWTS and even from Derek. But now it’s time to start winding back up again for our abbreviated, all athletes season.

What do we know about the pros right at this minute? Well, Maks, Val and Peta are out for the season due to their tour – likely planned before this season became a thing. Derek is on another network and a different dance show. Mark kinda sounded out – but you never know. Julianne is out as a judge as she’s working on her and Derek’s scripted show “Blackpool”, among other things. Have I left anything out? I think that’s all I’m aware of right at this moment. OH! Kym is also out due to the impending arrival of her twins.

So, what have you heard? Be sure to provide a source if you have something to share….

ETA: It’s a GO for Gleb Savchenko as a Pro for this season. Yayy!! Please read more details HERE. ~Vogue

ETA2: Per the DancingABC Instagram, these are the pros this season – fairly predictable lineup, identical to my hypothetical list on Twitter last week. -Court-

Male Pros
Val – OUT
Gleb – IN
Mark – Out
Artem – IN
Derek – OUT
Sasha – IN
Maks – OUT
Keo – IN
Alan – IN

Female Pros
Sharna – IN
Kym – OUT
Emma – IN
Witney – IN
Lindsay – IN
Jenna – IN
Cheryl – OUT
Peta – OUT

I’m assuming there will be a Troupe???

ETA: According to this Kristyn Burtt interview with Britt Stewart, there will be a troupe for this season. Thanks Kristyn. ~Vogue

The Troupe
Courtesy Hayley Erbert