DWTS Season 11 Pro Watch – Edyta Out??

Well, this would be a shame if it’s true. Per TMZ (thanks ck410 – follow the link to read the whole thing):

Hot-bodied professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska claims she’s officially done with “Dancing with the Stars” — telling TMZ she quit over a major disagreement with the show’s producers.

Edyta — who danced with the show since its first season in 2005 — tells TMZ, “The producers’ vision of what they wanted my career to be did not meet my expectations. They wanted my career to be the show. I can’t be a dancer my whole life.”

I would imagine this explains the inclusion of Lacey and brings us back to the expected 12 Couples.

ETA: Everyone PLEASE check Edyta’s twitter. She goes into more detail about why she won’t be on the show.