Dancing With The Stars 12 – After Finale Media Part 1 (Interview Round Up)

First, I want to start out this post saying that the news, media, commentary, polls, contests, and blogging for Dancing With The Stars doesn’t stop here with the finale of Season 12. We update all through out the off season for what comes out for news, next Season cast rumors, interviews, special commentaries, and more. John is talking about a new Jewelry Contest. Heidi has some cool commentaries coming up she promised to write. Courtney is planning to continue writing the Search posts. She’s also planning to do a special Awards which was a kick last year. So, be sure to check back regularly if you are dance and blogging nuts like ourselves and thanks so much for reading and partaking as you have this past Season. You all rock and have added great fun, thought, and insight into making this Season even more special.

With that said, here are some fun interviews after the show last night from On The Red Carpet, Jimmy Kimmel, Access Hollywood, and Good Morning America.

Below is Kym and Hines reaction to being the Season 12 Mirror Ball Trophy Winners. They had so much fun. Kym says she knew Hines would be special when she saw that warm smile and how he never complained when they had to work so hard.

Here the winners are again. They said they didn’t know who would win since the competition was so close. Hines said he owes everything to Kym. They plan to always keep in touch.

Below is Kym and Hines on Jimmy Kimmel. As always Jimmy asks some serious questions and some goofy ones too.

Moving on to the others. Maks starts out praising Kirstie and how much he learned about himself through this expereince with her in this interview. He says it’s been “THE most incredible Season” for him and the “most rewarding”. Kirstie learned so much too and she feels Maks has healed her from being “broken”. They are bittersweet. It’s hard not to be moved by these two.

Kirstie talks of how much she wanted the Mirror Ball for Maks in this interview. She talks about how Maks woke her up. There is so much about Maks people don’t know…two being he is an amazing actor and so funny. Kirstie thanks all of her fans with a special message.

Chelsea is so excited and thankful for this experience. Mark said what he loved about this Season is that it was about “artistry and creating paintings” for him since he had such an amazing partner in Chelsea. She’s looking forward to the doors that have opened for her because of this show.