Pure DWTS Summer Schedule

Ok, so we don’t really have a Pure DWTS summer schedule. Although, we also don’t “go dark” either. So, we hope all of you great readers will stick around with us this summer. In fact, we’ve been saving a number of posts we’ve wanted to do all season and just haven’t had time. Can you say Who Wore It Better? (How about a Who Wore It Better Earring Edition? Just saying…)

Speaking of DWTS jewelry, I’m happy that so many of the Pure DWTS readers love jewelry. I guess I should have realized that the predominately female readership of Pure DWTS would love a little bling. In fact, a little birdie told me that Anne Koplik jewelry is another reason you should stick around Pure DWTS this summer. Hard to beat free jewelry.

Not to mention all the other DWTS pro and star updates. You can be sure that Vogue will be keeping us all updated on the latest happenings with the DWTS pros and stars.

Of course, the rumors for Dancing with the Stars Season 13 have already started (Can you say Regis?). So, be sure to stick around for Princess Heidi’s DWTS season 13 cast rumors. She’s like a spy the way she tracks down those rumors.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Last break, we even broke down our feelings about each of the pros in a series we called “The Pros and Cons of the DWTS Pros.” You never know what series of posts we’ll come up with this summer. Maybe the Pure DWTS ladies will combine on a DWTS Shirtless series. I guess maybe it should be called “Who Didn’t Wear it Better?”

If you’re not planning to stick around now, there’s no hope. If you are planning to stick around, you can always sign up for the Pure DWTS email updates so you’ll get emailed with the latest posts added to Pure DWTS. You can also follow us on @puredwts on Twitter and the Pure DWTS Facebook page.

Also, be sure to follow the Pure DWTS sister sites if you’re fans of So You Think You Can Dance and/or America’s Got Talent. The coverage can’t compare to the combo of Princess Heidi, Courtney and Vogue, but we try.

Ok, enough pandering to keep you around. Thanks to all the readers for a great season. Bigger thanks to Princess Heidi, Courtney and Vogue for providing the best Dancing with the Stars coverage available online.