DWTS 12 – Mark Ballas On Season 12 Being More Than Just About Dancesteps

Mark says he has “no regrets” in his new blog at USA Today. He also says this season wasn’t just about dance steps. It was about artistry and telling stories that he had so much fun doing with Chelsea. More below including a take about what the show and journey is like. Don’t miss Mark and Chelsea and the other contestants on the Regis and Kelly Show today (Thursday). We’ll try to get some video coverage for you later.

It’s a great feeling to write this to you now, knowing that Chelsea and I went all out to win the mirrorball trophy. Although we didn’t take it home, I am so proud of what we did this season. I look at it this way — this season wasn’t just about dance steps, it was about artistry and telling stories, expressing ourselves as artists. We had so much fun performing each week for all of our fans.

BLOG:Behind the scenes with Mark Ballas

I can not put into words how extremely proud I am of Chelsea. Over the past 14 weeks, Chelsea transformed herself into a true dancer. She became, in my opinion, the strongest dancer in the competition, and she didn’t take a misstep all season! It was a great ride and making to the finals was wonderful, but we congratulate Kym and Hines for coming out on top!

A lot of people ask me what a season of Dancing With The Stars is like. My best analogy is that it’s like a roller coaster. A roller coaster that you’re apprehensive about getting on at first because you know the ride will be exhausting emotionally, mentally, and physically, all the while exhilarating and making you feel alive. It twists, turns, speeds up, takes you for a loop, makes you scream, makes you smile. Then, when the ride ends, you don’t want it to be over. You never want it to end, actually. Even though it beats you up, you want to keep going and experiencing the ride, just because you know it’s a moment in your life you’ll never forget.

And this roller coaster ride is coming back in to the stall. I’m writing this to you from the green room of Good Morning America. The six of us (the three final couples) went straight from the show and press line to Burbank Airport, bound for Manhattan. There wasn’t much sleep on the plane. Each of us recounted the season, trying to remember the many hilarious stories of the past 14 weeks. The ups, the downs, the falls, the sprains, the blood, sweat, tears, and all the smiles and touching moments we had.