Dancing With The Stars Host Tom Bergeron On ‘The Talk’!

Tom Bergeron was a hoot today as always on The Talk, but, he gets serious as well especially when he’s asked straight up on all the controversy on the show this past week. He defends Maks saying he was clumsy with his wording, but, that’s “LIVE TV for ya.” He had to be honest and say he thought Bruno was “rude” with his comments on Chaz and he understands why Chaz was offended. Tom avoided the question when asked who will win Dancing With The Stars Season 13. The person he is most inspired by on the show this season is J.R. Martinez. Though, the best part of the interview is when Tom spills on how he took the gig to host Dancing With The Stars. I won’t ruin it for you. Take a listen in the third segment of the show >>>>HERE