Mike Catherwood On DWTS All-Star Season, Money Is A Huge Motivator

Season 12 contestant Mike Catherwood tells Celebuzz he wouldn’t be interested in coming back for the All-Star Season of Dancing With The Stars, but, there “is a catch”….

Mike Catherwood may have been the first celebrity eliminated from ABC’s Dancing With the Stars during season 12, but with an “All Star” season now in the works, the radio DJ says he’s willing to foxtrot back into the ballroom. The only catch: he wants a hefty paycheck.

With the DWTS hoofers reportedly guaranteed $125,000 for the first two weeks, the Loveline with Dr. Drew co-host — who had been partnered with Lacey Schwimmer during his original run — tells Celebuzz: “I don’t want to go back, but if they pay me, yes. Money is a huge motivator.”

What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing Mike dance again? I think I’d rather have other celebs come back to dance, but, by all means use Mike in some spoof segments like the one below. Remember this? This has to be one of the funniest moments on this show. Would you agree? Too funny!