Louie Vito Could Handle The Pressure Better If Asked To Do Dancing With The Stars Again

Recently, PureDWTS reader and Louie Vito fan Byrl reported to us that Louie said he was “available” and still had “something to prove” if he was asked to do Dancing With The Stars again. In a new interview with Yahoo TV, he tells them practically the same. Louis would love to do the show again since he’s older and could handle the pressure better. Plus it would help his snowboarding. Here is more…

You came in sixth place on Season 9 of “Dancing With the Stars.” With the “DWTS” All Stars season coming up, would you compete again if they asked?

LV: “DWTS” was a great experience. I was so far out of my comfort zone that it actually made my snowboarding easy. If I could go out and dance in front of 22 million plus people every week, doing something I didn’t have much confidence in, live audience, live judges, and wearing clothes I wouldn’t even wear on Halloween, how wouldn’t it help my snowboarding, which I am confident doing, know what the judges want to see, and wear what I want to wear? I would love to do it again especially since I am a little older now — I just turned 21 when I was on last time — and know how to deal with the pressure a little better.

To read the full interview, go to Yahoo TV.

So, I don’t know about this one? There are other people I’d rather see dance, but, hey. 🙂