Ralph Macchio Thinks Cast Is Already Set For DWTS All Stars, Heard It’s Previous Finalists

I’m sad. It sounds like Ralph Macchio won’t be dancing for the Dancing With The Stars All-star Season liked many of us hoped. Below is more from USA Today. Note what he reveals about the cast being already set (he thinks) and that he’s heard it will be previous top 3 “finalists” and note the word “all” (which I’m not sure how to take? 😯 ). Be sure to see the link because Ralph is interviewed about his role on “American Gypsies” too which sounds really good. Check it out!

Ralph Macchio says Dancing With the Stars gave him “a very positive shot in the arm.” Competing on the show last year was hard work, and his knees would have liked it a lot better “20 years ago,” says the original Karate Kid star, who is now 50.

But he loved performing and loved the fans. “The joy I got was how much joy everyone else got out of it.”

However, he will not be on the All-Star edition that kicks off in the fall. “I think that cast is set already,” he said Monday in a phone interview. He says, “I hear it’s finalists,” all previous top-3 performers.

“I never campaigned,” he says. (Like Joey Lawrence has on Twitter.) “I would have been flattered if they came to me, but I think it happened at the right time.”

In other words, he has other things to do.