Suspicious A Little: Could Kelly Monaco Be Dancing On DWTS All Star Season?

So, we have something to report that we’re not sure we can let slide? Yesterday afternoon @PureDWTS received a tweet from fan @_DayDreamer325 that she’s read some recaps from a fan event that Kelly Monaco will need the fans help….

An hour or so later @DWTSGossip tweets out this post at her twitter account making it TWO fans now tweeting that Kelly Monaco will soon need her fans help….

And here is where it gets a little more suspicious (then again, my suspicious nature is off the wall sometimes, lol). Doing some digging at Kelly’s twitter account, we found this tweet that Kelly made on June 30th that makes one’s eye go up a little?

Interesting too how Kelly and Cheryl Burke were seen together in Las Vegas in December. Remember this previous posting?

And I don’t know if this has any merit, but, Kelly was also a part of TV Guide’s Dancing With The Stars All Stars Dream Cast for which they asked their readers to submit their cast wishes and comment on. Remember this post that we speculated on?

So, what do you think? Could the first Season’s Dancing With The Stars Champion be dancing in the All Star Season? It wouldn’t surprise me. Kelly loved dancing and the exposure would still be great for her career.

Let’s get our Miss Heidi’s thoughts as she knows 🙂 …

Heidi: Well, my memory goes back to a time in the not too distant past when Kelly was sitting in the audience….was it during Donny’s season?? Anyway, I remember that she looked like she was being held hostage – fer instance, her contract made her be there if asked. Tom goes up to talk to her and she was pretty bitchy…my memory is a bit sketchy on it, but I remember talking to, I think, Courtney about it and we both noticed it. I seem to recall that Tom even moved away from her quickly when he realized that she was…um…unpleasant. The reason I am mentioning this is that I can’t believe she would go back to DWTS after her very obvious lack of desire to even be in the audience. Maybe she’d had an off night? Or has she become unemployed since then?? I’m not an expert on Kelly Monaco and I didn’t watch her season…but after all that, do you think she would come back and possibly get her ass handed to her by someone far more popular?? This ain’t the same show anymore, after all.

UPDATE: Soaps In Depth asked Kelly on the new rumors of her dancing for the Dancing With The Stars All Star edition. Below is what they are reporting. Thanks to PureDWTS reader DJ for this news….

“I’m not confirming or denying,” she teases, “but if I happen to do it, and I happened to have Derek [Hough as a dance partner], that would be amazing. It would be a lot of work, I have to tell you.”

Competing in DANCING while working five days a week on GH was a grueling routine for Monaco the first time around, but now she knows how to approach it. “If I were to do it this time,” she explains, “I would make sure I had Mondays and Tuesdays off from GH because I can’t be in two places at the same time. I think that’s the only way I could do it.

“If I were to do it,” Monaco adds with a smile, “I’d talk to my executive producer and ask them not to have me talk so much. I don’t mind showing up, but having to memorize everything at night is the problem. If they just had me shut up for a little bit, it would be okay!”

To read the full article, visit Soaps In Depth.