New Miss America Mallory Hagan Would Do Dancing With The Stars In A Heartbeat

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway interviewed the new Miss America, Mallory Hagan, in New York’s Times Square this week after her win. As Miss America fans know, she did an amazing tap dance for her talent routine. He asks her is she’d ever do Dancing With The Stars. She said she’d “be on it (Dancing With The Stars) in a heartbeat”. She raved about Cheryl Burke being a judge on Miss America and now she feels like they are “already friends”. Mallory points out how they haven’t ever had a Miss America on Dancing With The Stars. Wow, so true and I can see this happening. What’s more, I’d love it Mallory did Dancing With The Stars. What do you think? Let’s get Miss Heidi’s thoughts….

Heidi: I’m not a fan of Miss America, the pageant. Don’t hate it, just am not a fan. And that might be why I say that I can’t see it happening – I mean, what kind of viewership did the show get?? And is there any way that the pageant would give her the time to actually do the show? I doubt it very much. And if she has to wait for her reign to be over? Then she’s no longer relevant unless she parlays it into a higher profile gig. Hell, the Bachelor chicks are more famous than Miss America, I think. Sorry, Vogue – I don’t see it happening. 🙂

ADDING: Below is a new interview with Miss America and the WSJ Digital Network. They ask her about Dancing With The Stars and think it would be unfair if she danced. She defends herself and thinks it would be the best thing for the Miss America Organization. So true. I am so dreaming for this girl to dance!!