DWTS Season 16, Rumor OR Campaign? Shannon Bex

Well, this one is interesting and I have to thank our regular reader Nathan for getting giddy because that drew my attention to this little gem much sooner than otherwise. 🙂 So, is she tossing a hint to her fans? Or is she indulging in some wishful thinking? I don’t know her, so I have no clue. All I know is that she’s in Danity Kane and that Nathan loves her. 😉 Shannon’s web site reveals that she might be this season’s ringer, if she’s indeed on the show.  In fact, Wiki lists her as a singer and a “professional” dancer so, I dunno.  Of course, Mya was of that level, so…  The only other potential drawback is that she was on NBC’s reality show Fame – but since that is long over, it shouldn’t be a factor.

I can’t decide. That she retweeted two people leads me to think campaign…but the time is right for a rumor or two. Hell…nothing is going on so we need something to speculate on, if nothing else.  What do you guys think?? (Read from the bottom up, like on twitter)

Shannon Bex 2

Shannon Bex 1