Forget Emily…How about Bachelor Sean on DWTS Season 16?? (Rumors!!)

In a crazy…some might say TOO crazy…twist, Reality Steve is quoting US Weekly (hitting stands today) saying that the current Bachelor, Sean, is going to be on DWTS:

 According to a report in “US Weekly” that hit stands today, “a deal hasn’t been finalized, but it’s likely” that Sean will be announced as an official cast member on February 26th, when “Good Morning America” makes the announcement. Well, they certainly aren’t casting both of them, and Sean is the “hotter” name right now because his season ends a week before the DWTS premiere, so I definitely think there’s validity to this story.

Click on the link to read the rest of what Reality Steve has to say on the matter. When he says “both of them” he’s referring to Emily – and he makes a good point. For those that don’t know, Steve is one guy who always knows what’s going to happen on The Bachelor and spoils it often before the season starts. Hell, he’s the only reason why I watch the show. 🙂 He says he thinks it has validity – and I agree, it certainly could. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m calling this one number 2 on the official “rumor” list.