Andy Dick, Show Us Your Dance Moves; Aly Raisman Discusses New Dances For DWTS Finals

I can’t stop cracking up! What a way to start the morning! See what I mean below…

It’s going to be fun to see Andy again next week, isn’t it?!!

Aly has also a written a new blog for She talks of how much she’s grown as a person on Dancing With The Stars. She never expected to have this much fun or to make it this far. Below she talks about Jacoby, the competition, and her new dances with Mark.

It feels amazing to make it to the finals. I’ve been saying all along that I just really want to make it to this point, and then whatever place I get, I’ll be happy with that. Of course, I’d love to win, but I’ve gotten so much out of this competition that whatever I get I’ll be happy. I’m going to work so hard this week. Whatever happens, it’s meant to be. I can’t work any harder, so it’s kind of up to America now.

I don’t think Jacoby’s intimidated by us three girls at all — or at least he shouldn’t be! America loves him. He just won the Super Bowl and he has an amazing personality, so I think he feels really confident. At the same time, he works so hard and he wants it — all of us want to win. I think it’s going to be a close competition. I’ll be so happy for whoever wins. I don’t know who my biggest competition is because you don’t know whether America is going for the best dancer to win or if they’re looking for someone with a fun personality, or someone who has improved a lot. It just depends on who America is looking for. No one knows what place everyone is in.

Next Monday, we have the samba and the cha-cha challenge with the other three couples, freestyle, and the 24-hour challenge, so this week is a lot of dances, but I’m really excited. It’s the last time we have to perform out there, so it’s sad because I’ve been having so much fun. I just want to make the most of these next few days and enjoy it.

Aly has really grown on me. I can’t wait to see her in the Finals. I hope she just keeps having fun and letting loose. More at