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DWTS Season 16, Week 7 – Who Got the Boot? (SPOILERS)

So…how many encores have Mark and Aly had now?? :::sigh:::  This show was all right, I guess. Allison has gone blonde, which is disappointing – like, so few dancers are blonde these days. :::rolls eyes:::  Anyway….kind of a non-event. I think she actually dances better with Derek – just my opinion.  Anyway….

Very sad night in the ballroom. Ingo and Andy in the bottom two, with Andy going home. He handled it like a champ….and called out Carrie Ann, for which he gets props from me.

How did we all do??

Heidi: I thought it would be Andy and Sean in the bottom two with Andy going home. Ingo in the bottom two, if not Sean.

Courtney: Court said Andy was going home, with Ingo in the bottom two with him.

Vogue: Said Andy was going home.  Ingo in the bottom two.

Winner?  NO ONE. Bastards.

April 30, 2013 I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

Could We See A Shake-Up For The Final Four On DWTS, Don’t Count Andy Dick Out

Here is an interesting piece from Today!! They talk of how there are only three more eliminations left before the finals. If there aren’t any double eliminations, there could be 4 couples in the finals this time. Derek Hough and Val Chmerkovskiy comment about it below. Exciting. I’m loving this. Let us know what you think….

“It’s good for that fourth couple who’ll get paid an extra couple of bucks,” pro Val Chmerkovskiy shrugged to reporters in Monday night’s post-show press line.

Derek Hough thinks it’s a good idea too.

“Honestly, it means more dances for the finals,” the three-time mirror-ball champion said. “It’s more entertainment for the viewers at home, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Hough has said in the past that it’s best to come in either fourth or first, since exiting right after the semifinals means a dancer doesn’t have to come up with two more routines for a finale that he or she may or may not win.

“I think differently about that now,” he said. “When I said that, I might have been thinking I didn’t want to do all that hard work. But I’m of the frame of mind that it’s an absolute pleasure and joy to be able to do any dance number on the show — every time, even for results shows.”

Derek also commented not to count out Andy Dick yet. Oh how I hope he’s right about this? Please please please…

But while Hough and Pickler are safe for now, the pro feels that writing off low-scorer Andy Dick before the end just might be a mistake, given the show’s passionate fan base.

“I hope the judges did Andy a favor with their (strong) comments,” Hough offered. “If you feel that (your favorite) is being picked on, then you’re going to say to yourself, ‘I’m going to vote for him!’”

More at Today! Thanks to Miss Heidi for the heads up on this news.

You can also read Anna and Louis van Amstel’s thoughts on last night at GMA. Below is “the bottom line”…

The Bottom Line

Louis: My top two are still Zendaya and Kellie by quite a few miles. The interesting thing is Kellie and Zendaya are total opposites. Kellie finishes every movement to a “T,” but needs to stay out of her head, while Zendaya is all energy and personality, and needs to work on controlling her movement more. This will be a great race to the finish. Let’s not forget about the race between Jacoby and Aly who, in my opinion, are fighting for top three as well thus far. What will the fan bases decide though?! And then there is a “Seabiscuit”-type that no one sees coming….Andy Dick. It’s exciting to see what happens. I’m worried for Andy, Ingo and Sean. Looking at the judge’s scores, Andy will go home. He’d need so many votes to make up those unfair low scores!

I Written By

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS Season 16, Week 7 – Dancing by the Numbers

I think this is probably the stupidest thing that DWTS has EVER done. Seriously – these dancers had to learn FOUR dances this week?? Some can barely do ONE dance. So, as a result, we see a bunch of weak dancing and some horrendous dancing. The top 3 – Kellie, Zendaya and Aly – were not nearly as good as they could have been. I saw a whole bunch of Derek Hough choreography from half the pros NOT named Derek Hough (but who were named Mark, Karina and Val) – can’t say I blame them, given the lack of time.  Dear lord – I think about what Kellie, Zendaya and Aly (and Jacoby) could have done with just ONE dance it just pisses me off. All could have been brilliant instead of just….good. In a couple cases, quite good.

To top it off – come on. That scoring was SO pre-determined and, in terms of Kellie, Aly and Zendaya, totally irrelevant. When you give Andy a 17, you have made your agenda clear. He was NOT that much worse than either Sean or Ingo, but you have your goals, don’t you judges.  The added benefit was, of course, Zendaya’s fans are pissed and highly motivated.  As I’ve come to call it, “Scenario #2” – the one that we discussed where they give Zendaya a 27  or 28 so when she kills the challenge she ends up with a 30 or higher – was likely part of the plan. Sooo freakin’ safe it isn’t even funny. Same for Aly. Oh, and speaking of the challenge – congrats Val, you earned the Chmerkovskiy name by being a total dick (sorry Andy) by saying you’re going to “pick on someone your own size”.   By the way – you are NOT a good Paso choreographer. That point has been made pretty strongly. Too much empty space…and, although not your fault, Zendaya’s age showed in her softer limbs. You should not talk them up ahead of time – it will always come back to bite you.

Karina? Foolish for letting Jacoby pick Jive – a Rumba would have been awesome.  Awesomely squicky which would have added a bit of ….something….to tonight. But something tells me that TPTB weren’t going to let that happen. Someone pre-determined that – either the pros or the producers.

Okay, I’m almost done ranting. I do wonder how they will work the cumulative score after this. Are they counting the three points? Because that would hose Kellie and Derek. But since half the cast got hosed last night, may as well include them.

Okay, now the questions: Derek apologized to his grandparents for taking off his shirt and said he didn’t want to – so….that begs the question: Why did he? Are the producers that into it that they asked him to? Also, how badly did they explain this immunity thing to the pros?? Derek looked shocked after the first challenge dance when he heard Tom say that they couldn’t be eliminated. Maybe he was just overly tired (Um, see the video from The W, in addition to his touring with Kellie – LOL), but Mark also looked like he didn’t know what the hell was going on, prior to doing their challenge dance. I sense….weirdness. To say the least.

:::sigh::: Anyway, the leader board looks like this. I left in Kellie and Derek’s score because I think they are likely included in the total since they were points awarded by the judges.  I just won’t talk about them in the contest of possible eliminations. If I don’t get too tired, I will look and see what difference those 29 points make in the spread.

week 7

So, as you can see, the immunity is likely not the least bit necessary when you have people in the 30’s and Andy with a 17.  Kinda ridiculous. As I said in an earlier post about this whole Immunity thing, it’s unlikely that it has any real impact on the top three ladies – the spread is too huge. It’s always possible that Zendaya’s fans aren’t voting in huge numbers, or Kellie/Derek’s fans have said “fuck it” after last season…or that Aly just got started too late…but with a 13 point spread (at minimum), it is unlikely that Andy is a threat to either Zendaya or Aly.

So why do it?? ADHD?? Andy getting too many votes? As I said way back when, I tend to think it has more to do with who’s getting too many votes, not who isn’t getting enough. But I guess you never know.

Anyway, what has to happen for Andy to be safe? He needs ONE of the following things:

–        Andy needs 38,100 more votes per million votes cast than Sean, OR;

–        Andy needs 43,500 more votes per million votes cast than Ingo, OR;

–        Andy needs 54,400 more votes per million votes cast than Jacoby, OR;

–        Andy needs 70,700 more votes per million votes cast than Zendaya, OR;

–        Andy needs 82,000 more votes per million votes cast than Aly.

NOW do you see why the immunity is unnecessary??  Those are HUGE numbers. Seriously, even to get past Sean will be a stretch for Andy. And I think this is what they wanted all along. Sean and Ingo are both family, Jacoby is popular and the ladies can all dance really well. Andy has served his purpose. Next week is week 8 and he’ll be back in week 10. People will barely have time to miss him. Or so they think.

But what if all the Kellie fans who were voting for Andy had an impact? How much danger is Sean in? For Sean to be safe, he needs ONE of the following to happen:

–        Sean needs for Andy to NOT get the 38,100 more votes per million votes cast than him, OR;

–        Sean needs 5,500 more votes per million votes cast than Ingo, OR;

–        Sean needs 16,400 more votes per million votes cast than Jacoby, OR;

–        Sean needs 32,700 more votes per million votes cast than Zendaya, OR;

–        Sean needs 44,500 more votes per million votes cast than Aly.

Sean and Andy have both been in the bottom two. Sean was in the bottom two with Victor even though Andy had lower score…but Andy only needed 8k votes to get past Sean.  This week the spread between Andy and Sean is as large as it was between first and last place last week – that’s huge. We have no idea if Andy has that kind of juice. He did get an assist from Kellie, who asked her fans to vote for him. We’ll see.

It’s going to be either Sean, Andy or Ingo – no question to me. I think it will be Sean and Andy in the bottom two with Andy going home. Ingo could take Sean’s place in the bottom two, if Sean gets the relatively small 5,500 votes he needs to get past Ingo.

But I don’t think Andy makes it past either Sean or Ingo, so he’s headed home. And that makes me sad. This is one of those weeks where I pray I’m wrong.

I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

Dancing With The Stars Lacey Schwimmer Creates Dance For Fans For National Dance Week

Awwww, I am missing Lacey Schwimmer, are you? I really started respecting her after she was paired with Kyle Massey and Chaz Bono. I also think she is one of the best female choreographers Dancing With The Stars has ever had, do you? Below she created a new dance for National Dance Week. Think you can do these moves? I think so. Let’s do it! 🙂

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

PureDWTS Season 16 Week 7 Media After The Dance, Trio Dance And Some Dances Revealed For Next Week

What a night on Dancing With The Stars!! Not sure if it was one of my favorites this season, but, it was still entertaining. Let’s see what the couples thought with George George Pennachio of On The Red Carpet after the show. Note how he finds out some of their individual dances for next week and how they also have a Trio Dance.

First up, Derek and Kelly! George says he was hoping they wouldn’t win so he could see them dance again, but, the immunity was a nice surprise. Kelly is glad Carrie Ann was critical so she can try and get better. Derek says it’s hard not to be upset at the judges comments sometimes, but, in the end, no one should let it ruin their experience. The dance is all that matters in the end and what people will remember.

George praise Zendaya and Val for shaking things up! Zendaya liked how they did something different. Val is happy for their three 9’s and is just happy to dance every week with Zendaya. Every week he hopes their dance speaks for itself. He’s already thinking about next week’s dances and how serious this competition is.

In Karina’s book, Jacoby got three 10’s. Jacoby says Karina is crazy for the moves she wanted then to do for their Salsa, but, they did it and they had fun. They hope they shaked things up and loved the reaction of the audience. Jacoby is like a leap frog and that he is.

Aly was by herself for this interview since Mark couldn’t make it. She feels bad and hopes he can heal up from his back injuries soon. She’s so proud of their dance last night. She said she would have never been able to pull it off in the beginning of the season. Because of Mark’s injury, she may work with Henry again this coming week.

Sharna is upset over Bruno’s comments (I agree, they were over the top). Andy says he’s always been the brunt of jokes and is use to it, but, they love and are thankful for their fans and know they have kept them in the competition. They are having fun and want to entertain and that’s all that matters. If they make it, Sharna says their will be no more dead arms. They have a Quickstep and a Trio Salsa if they make it. Read more..

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS 16, Week 7 – Power Rankings

Well that was a craptastic (and trippy, and nonsensical) evening.

Seriously, powers that be, trash the Latin night theme, because it just feels clichéd and ridiculous now.  And dammit, if tonight were a poker game, TPTB would have been the poker rookie that was giggling and smirking like the cat that ate the canary, betting too high, too soon, and then falling out of your chair and inadvertently showing me your royal flush as you flailed – yeah, it was pretty obvious who you wanted to stay and who you wanted to backdoor.  And the immunity dance? We already knew that was a turd wrapped in tinfoil, but thank you for actually confirming it.  Let’s get down to it so I can take an Ambien and forget today ever happened…

1.) Kellie & Derek – A bit of a gimme, considering they won immunity and can’t be sent home tomorrow – and to be honest, that samba was not Kellie’s best dance, nor do I think it was 10-worthy (but then again, I don’t think any of the 10’s we saw tonight were truly deserved).  The technique was there – she handled the samba runs, stationary walks, and rolls without any issues, and she stayed on-time.  But I’m guessing that Derek was maybe feeling the weight of having to practice 4 dances with Kellie this week, because it probably wasn’t his most inspired piece of choreography – aside from the clever little slo-mo section in the middle, it got a bit repetitive…Derek sure does love those counter-clockwise torso gyrations, side-by-side 😛 Tonight may as well have been “Pssst…your tic is showing” night for some of the pros…but we’ll get to that later.  As for Kellie – she kept up, but I do agree that she wasn’t quite “there” for the whole dance…maybe it was nerves, or just trying too hard to remember her steps.  But if this was her “off” week and she still got the high score AND immunity, I doubt she or Derek is losing sleep over it 😉

2.) Zendaya & Val – Get ready, because pigs may start flying: I actually think Zendaya was underscored, especially given that Jacoby got the same score for a dance that was, by comparison, rather messy.  HOWEVER, that’s not to say it was 10-worthy, either – I guess if they were gonna give Zendaya a 27, then Jacoby should have gotten a 25.  And tonight, I think Val’s “tic” was also on display: as I mentioned last week, he has a real affinity for what I call “dead space” – pauses in the dance that are meant to add dramatic effect, but inadvertently end up looking like the dancers just standing there doing nothing, and it kind of slows down the momentum of a dance and gets a bit…boring.  There also seemed to be quite a lot of separate flamenco-style moves, as opposed to them moving as a couple, which was odd – I think he had the right music & the right set-up, and the right partner for a really dynamic, dramatic dance…but he may have blown it a bit on the choreography.  Not sure what judge said it, but the only real problem Zendaya had was kind of over-tucking (?) her chin in an effort to look dramatic – it’s kind of a rookie paso mistake, just like freakishly looking at the ceiling in tango is a rookie mistake. Val was probably wise to obscure her legs, which continue to be a problem, as evidenced by her jive tonight…and what was with the sneakers??? She didn’t wear sneakers for her first jive…why wear them now? As for them picking Jacoby & Karina for the immunity challenge – I have two theories: one, they were out to prove something; or two, they were told who to pick by someone higher up, which actually wouldn’t surprise me, given how much funny business there was tonight.  I daresay their jive matchup with Jacoby & Karina was the only exciting one tonight.  I don’t see them going home this week, but I’m curious to see what the next few weeks leading up to the finale bring – especially since Zen has already burned through every Latin dance except the one most obviously awkward for her: the rumba. 

3.) Aly & Mark – Did Aly go for it in her salsa? Yes.  Was it fun? Sure.  Was it 10-worthy? Hell no.  If we’re going to call Jacoby out for a  salsa that was basically fluff, and just a bunch of gyrating, then we’ve got to call Aly & Mark (or mainly just Mark) out for it, too.  Hell, for the first 20 seconds or so, I thought I had just heard wrong, because it felt more like a merengue or a samba than a salsa – awful lot of bouncing going on.  A lot of shimmying, too – and the crawling on the floor? Errr…I guess it was…cute? I’m not even sure how to describe it.  Lots of fun, yes, but it was a salsa only in name, really.  Then here they come, picking the obvious “gimme” in the immunity dance – Andy.  In Mark’s defense, though, I think anyone picking Andy probably would have looked like a bit of an asshole – I love the guy, but I have no disillusions about him being the weakest dancer left.  That said – I still think they could have picked either Sean or Ingo and still won their matchup, and left the remainder to go up against Andy.  But here’s the strange thing about their immunity cha-cha: was it just me, or was Mark obscuring our view of Aly for quite a bit of it? Yes, we’ve long said there are Muppets running the show, but this even looked like a pretty rookie mistake for the cameramen to make.  I still doubt Andy would have won even if our view of her was unobscured, but it just bugs.  Anyway, I doubt they’re going anywhere, since they topped the leaderboard in a week where the bottom is pretty damn far away…

4.) Jacoby & Karina – Yes, I acknowledge that a 27 was probably a point or two too high for this salsa – while it was very fun and Jacoby actually handles some of the more intricate steps pretty well, the overall feel was a bit chaotic.  Side effect of losing a full day of practice? Who knows – but Jacoby does best all of the other guys still left when it comes to doing lifts.  As for the immunity dance – Heidi tweeted and asked “Why the hell did Jacoby chose jive??? He could have won with rumba!!!” and the only good answer I have is that Jacoby just really, really loves his jive…and loves the audience response he gets from it 😛 I’m starting to get the feeling that he is not as hungry for the MBT, so much as he is hungry for just a lot of fun (and there’s nothing wrong with that!)…and while I would love to see him walk away with that trophy on finale night, I’m beginning to wonder if he’s determined enough to really put in the effort to get up to Kellie & Zendaya’s level, technically.  Time will tell 🙂

5.) Sean & Peta – All I really remember from both of the rumbas he did tonight was Peta’s choreography tic: slow, slow, FLAIL!, slow, kick your leg up, FLAIL! FLAIL! FLAIL! Aaaaand slow, dramatic arm extension.  Seriously, watch her rumbas (and Sean’s Viennese waltz) – she will do 3-4 sections of slow moves, punctuated by 2-3 really fast, choppy, overdramatic moves.  I guess you can call it “guerrilla rumba” – just when you least expect it, BLAM! Dramatic arm in your face 😛 I will say this, though – I think Sean did a better job of actually moving around than Ingo did, and while Peta did do a lot of dancing around him, it wasn’t quite as obvious as it was with Ingo & Kym.  But calm down there, killer – Sean about flung Peta into the audience on that spin-turned-lift.  I would say his immunity rumba with Ingo was probably the most evenly-matched of the night, but it wasn’t particularly exciting – wasn’t terribly invested in either guy.  But I was a bit surprised that they gave that one to Ingo – was sure they would fall for the drama & faux-passion of Sean’s rumba AGAIN.  Which kind of begs the question for me: did they deliberately leave things pretty even between the two ABC guys? I think it could be almost a toss-up between the two of them in the bottom 2, but my gut is telling me Sean might be safe this week (blech).  I’d love to be wrong, and I’d love for him to go home – because as someone here put it, he’s like Willard from Footloose – except he’s not really that charming. 

6.) Ingo & Kym – Well, I give props to Kym for looking hotter tonight than she has all season – I think she was probably wise to pull out the blood red fabric and show some leg…and abs…and awesome boobage tonight, on a night where Ingo’s rumba just kind of fell flat.  I feel like I say this every week: Ingo seems to try really, really hard, but it just never seems to translate into significant results on the dance floor…especially in the Latin dances, where he just has super-stiff hips.  But in contrast to Sean, who seems to benefit from a lot of smoke & mirrors and flash & trash from Peta’s choreography, I do feel like Ingo actually TRIES to get the right technique…so I have to applaud that.  His rumba, while awkward, thankfully didn’t feel as contrived and phony as Sean & Peta’s.  But again – why switch gears and give the immunity dance to Ingo & Kym, when both guys basically did the same routine again, and Sean scored higher the first time around??? I’m not particularly invested in either guy, but it’s just yet another thing that happened tonight that seemed…off.  But anyway – I’m thinking Ingo might take a spill into the bottom 2 tomorrow night, although I’d love for it to be Sean instead.  He hasn’t been there – yet – but I have to wonder if his jeopardy appearance a few weeks back was a warning.

7.) Andy & Sharna – First of all, can I just say how much it gave me warm fuzzies to see some of the Kellie fans throwing their votes to Andy after it was announced that Kellie got immunity? 😀 Restores my faith in humanity a bit, which I really needed after a sh*t day at work, and an even sh*ttier time watching tonight’s show – I’m not a particularly vengeful person, but I’m getting to the point where I’m hoping karma bites the judges in the ass.  Carrie Ann’s weave gets horribly knotted & the paps get a pic of it looking nasty, Bruno’s Maserati gets a BIIIIG ol’ scratch right down the side of it, Len gets a bad batch of Marmite and ends up with food poisoning – because these three stooges have reached a whole new level of LOW with some of the comments they threw at Andy.  We get it, judges, Andy’s the weakest dancer left and he gots ta go – but jeez, way to rub both lemon juice & salt in the poor guy’s wounds.  As non-technical as this rumba may have been, it was clever, and it played to Andy’s strengths as a performer – and you can’t deny that it was kinda cute and fun to watch.  So there was no need for comments like Bruno’s, where he wished he “could forget that dance”.  Pssssh…I wish I could forget your leathery-ass face, Bruno, but I don’t say it out loud…until now.  😉 And I have to wonder if Andy may have been better off picking the jive as their immunity dance, because while his rumba wasn’t good – his first cha-cha wasn’t, either.  But anyway – I think they got pretty hosed with their score, and didn’t manage to scoop up any points in the immunity round, so barring a miracle (and I like to believe in miracles!), I think Andy is toast tomorrow – but once again, I’d love to be wrong.  Andy just makes me smile so much 😀

 So were you guys as disenchanted with Latin night as I was? And what did you think of the immunity dances?

April 29, 2013 I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble.

Dancing with the Stars Season 16 Latin Night Music

Dancing with the Stars Latin Night week is in the books and this is our latest entry in our full list of Dancing with the Stars music. See the list of songs from tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. What did you think of the music? What did you think of the band? We love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Jacoby & Karina danced a Salsa to the song “Danza Kuduro” Danza Kuduro (feat. Lucenzo) - Meet the Orphans (Deluxe Edition)—Don Omar feat. Lucenzo
Ingo & Kym danced a Rumba to the song “Maria Maria” Maria Maria (feat. The Product G&B) [Radio Mix] - Ultimate Santana—Santana feat. The Product G&B
Kellie & Derek danced a Samba to the song “Shake Your Bon-Bon” Shake Your Bon-Bon - Ricky Martin—Ricky Martin
Andy & Sharna danced a Rumba to the song “Cherry Pink (and Apple Blossom White)” Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - The Best of Perez Prado: The Original Mambo #5—Perez Prado
Alexandra & Mark danced a Salsa to the song “Echa Pa’lla (Manos Pa’rriba)” Echa Pa'lla (Manos Pa'rriba) - Echa Pa'lla (Manos Pa'rriba) - Single—Pitbull feat. Papayo
Sean & Peta danced a Rumba to the song “Hero” Hero - Escape—Enrique Iglesias
Zendaya & Val danced a Paso Doble to the song “Buster Voodoo” Buster Voodoo - 11:11—Rodrigo y Gabriela

Dance Offs
Alexandra & Mark and Andy & Sharna danced a Cha-cha-cha to the song “Brokenhearted” Brokenhearted - Hello—Karmin
Zendaya & Val and Jacoby & Karina danced a Jive to the song “Good Golly Miss Molly” Good Golly Miss Molly (Re-Recorded) - 20 Greatest Hits - Little Richard's Very Best (Re-Recorded Versions)—Little Richard
Ingo & Kym and Sean & Peta danced a Rumba to the song “Apologize” Apologize - Dreaming Out Loud—OneRepublic

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Better known as Charlie.

Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman Discuss DWTS Season 16 With Extra (Video)

My apologies All! I’ve been fighting a stomach issue today, but, hope to be back in full force tomorrow. In the meantime, here is Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman going head-to-head over this season of “Dancing with the Stars” with Extra.

Here’s to the show tonight!

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS Season 16, Week 7 – Latin Night or Survivor (Washington Times Blog)

Dang, that’s a great title. I SO wish I had thought of it. 🙂  Gayle Falkenthal at the Times has many of the same questions about tonight that we do – and thanks for the props, Gayle. We appreciate it.  Click the link to read the whole article – I’ve put a small excerpt below:

This week, DWTS fans assumed they would get a gimmick free week of nothing but classic Latin ballroom dancing from the competitors. All the couples have danced at least one Latin style so far, but they will get to explore something new this week and work hard to master the specific style assigned to them.

Not so fast, twinkle toes.

According to ABC’s news release, the remaining seven couples will perform their assigned Latin dances. The top couple based on the judges’ scores will be safe from elimination for the week (i.e., the couple gets immunity). The remaining six couples will then participate in a Dance Off. They will compete against another couple doing either the Cha Cha Cha, Jive, or Rumba. The judges will pick a winner from each pair, and the winner will add three points to his or her score.

The couples scoring second through fourth get to pick their opponents. How will they choose? It would make sense to pick off the competitor you think will score lowest. For example, if Kellie comes in second, she’s likely to pick Andy Dick as her opponent. How the dance style gets assigned isn’t clear. Perhaps the couple who gets picked to compete gets to choose the dance style.

I Written By

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Tristan MacManus Chat’s About Dancing With Witney Carson On Dancing With The Stars And More

Wasn’t it fun seeing pro Tristan MacManus last week on Dancing With The Stars? I loved his dances with Witney Carsen!!! interviewed him all about it and how they put the dance together. He also talks of the side by side challenge with Victor and Lindsay and Peta and Sean. Here is more….

It was great seeing you back on Dancing With the Stars during Week 5, and we especially loved your performance with Witney Carson during the results show. Tell us about that – it looked incredibly intricate and difficult, yet you and Witney seemed to embrace the dance and let the story develop.

I loved dancing with Witney – she is so good and fun to be around, and Teddy Forance is unreal. I was a bit in two minds about doing the number. I really wanted to work with those two but at the same time I wasn’t too sure about doing the contemporary as it’s not really my style but Teddy made it work for me which I was happy about. He is very much a ‘guy’ dancer and let me do things I felt comfortable doing. I really enjoyed working with them for sure.

Len’s side by side challenges were great fun from the fans’ point of view. Would you share a little about working with Emma, Victor, and Lindsay for the Viennese Waltz and again with Chelsie, Peta, and Sean for the Quickstep? There must be some good stories to tell.

I always love working with Emma, and Vic and I hang out so rehearsals were fun. I love Emma’s dancing so it was great to dance with her but also it is good to work with the guy celebrities as well – if nothing else just for a new perspective for them and to freshen things up even for a week. We had great laughs there. I always love hanging out with Peta as well. She is one funny girl, and I was interested to get to know Sean. He is cool, real down to earth, and a bit of a dry sense of humor which kept me entertained while working.

Every time you and Sean are on our tv screen at the same time, we can’t help but laugh. You guys seemed to have a great time working together, and if nothing else, we were hugely entertained. How did all the silliness begin?

Yeah, like I said Sean is a good guy- the show really pushed the bromance thing which gets a bit old, but we do genuinely get on with each other so most of the interaction was just us really making fun of the situation and at how bizarre the intent of the packages was. Someone would start a ridiculous conversation, and we would just roll with it. I wasn’t expecting the rose thing so we tried to make that as ridiculous as possible. My language I guess was cut out of a lot of the footage. Haha!

Lots more at including some fun pictures. Great interview!!

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