A Dancing With The Stars Tour Hershey, PA Review By Lois And Kathy – “A Ten Perfect 10 Review”

Lois: My friend, Kathy L Erdman, and I call each other our “Dancing Twin”. We can finish each other’s sentences about the show. We can echo each other to a “Dancing T”! Our thoughts are blended as one! We both have watched every season, every show! We love the show so much and call it The Best Entertainment Show On The Planet!

When the opportunity came to go to the Dancing With The Stars Live Tour we jumped at the chance! We were so fortunate that we live only an hour away from Hershey PA, as the slogan goes, “The Sweetest Place on Earth”. The scents of Hershey’s Chocolate waft through the town. You simply cannot go to Hershey without having your fill of the sweetest treat in Pennsylvania!

Our excitement crescendoed as the time drew near! We pulled into the parking lot and had to pinch ourselves saying, “We are actually here!”

Seeing dancers up close is a whole other perspective than seeing them on television. Being able to see their movements is much clearer in person. For example, the lifts seem even more effortless. We can see the fluidity of their movements so much better. We were close enough to see them full-on. Their faces were beautifully clear.

Each pro got to speak during the show. They went out into the audience for that personal feel. Sasha crossed over a row of seats behind us and we got to see him very up close! Emma went with him into the audience. Two lucky ladies asked if Val would dance with them. He sprinted to their section and gave them a thrill! The guys went into the audience handing out a red rose to a lucky gal.

I would give this show a “Ten Perfect 10 Review”! I feel honored and privileged to have been able to witness “The Traveling Ballroom”! As Kathy says below, I also felt like I was in the ballroom. Perhaps the closest I will ever get to the real thing.

We cheered loudly during the show! Our “dancing hearts” were warmed by being in the presence of the astounding dancers! The variety of dances was perfect!

A Ten Perfect 10 Review!

Kathy did a wonderful review. I wanted to share it with you. Here it is….

Dancing With The Stars Tour Review
By Kathy

On Sunday, June 21, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending the Dancing With The Stars Tour Show with Lois Troutman and Amanda Bell. The show was held at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA.

The show began with the introduction of S20 DWTS Reigning Champion, Valentin Chmerkovskiy (in a fat suit, no less) , along with, Troupe Members Jenna Johnson & Brittany Cherry. At this point, Peta Murgatroyd , came out and asked “Val, how could you let yourself go, you are a Champion dancer”. At this point, Val stated “I can still dance”. Peta and Val, then proceeded to dance. Upon completion of their dance, the entire cast started to dance to “Shut Up & Dance With Me”.

Melissa Rycroft, the hostess for the show and S15 Champion, introduced the individual cast members of DWTS Tour:

Valentin Chmerkovskiy- S20 Champion
Witney Carson – S19 Champion
Peta Murgatroyd – S14 Champion
Emma Slater
Keo Mostepe
Artem Chigvintsev
Sasha Farber
Jenna Johnson
Brittany Cherry
Alan Bersten
Rumer Willis – S20 Champion

The stage was set for an amazing night of dancing. I had taken a notebook to write down each & every dance, but I was mesmerized by each dance that I finally had to give up that idea.
The following are some of my favorite highlights:

Rumer & Val performing two of their favorite dances from Season 20. They performed with such precision and intricate detail. I was so happy to see this Champion couple perform live. I was happy and honored to support Val and Rumer. They truly deserved to be named S20 Champions.

Rumer singing her version of “Toxic” while Alan & Jenna danced. Rumer has a beautiful voice and should consider a career in music. Simply magnificent!

Val and Witney performing a fun Hip Hop routine! This definitely was a departure from the type of dancing DWTS usually showcases. So enjoyable!!

Val playing his violin while Peta and Artem danced an amazing tango. Val is an exceptional musician! Simply a beautiful overall performance!

Broadway/Movie Musical Salute – Entire cast dancing to songs from Grease, Hairspray and Flashdance. Simply one of my favorite moments from the show as I love musicals.

Country Salute – Entire cast dances to a selection of country songs, starting with Something Bad by Miranda Lambert featuring Carrie Underwood. A fun, out of the box performance.

All Girl Pro Revue featuring Emma, Jenna, Brittany, Witney and Peta. Simply an amazingly hot number by the ladies.

All Male Pro Revue featuring Val, Artem, Keo, Sasha and Alan. Simply the HOTTEST dance of the night with the men bare-chested. Needless to say, the women in the audience were happy!

I’m sure I missed a dance or two! Overall, I think I captured the best moments and dances of the nights.

I must admit, Melissa, more than met or exceeded my expectation as a hostess. She was truly awesome and gave the audience an insight into her life before and after appearing on DWTS. She, also, interviewed each dancer.

During the fun Q & A segment of the program some fun facts, which I have listed below, were discovered about each pro:

Brittany – Las Vegas is the tour city, she can’t wait to visit

Emma – Loves Chocolate, specifically Hershey Kisses! In fact, she was born and raised in chocolate making city of the UK.

Sasha – He recently graduated from culinary school and is a trained chef.

Keo – If you go shopping with him, he will carry your bags for you. (I definitely need to go shopping with him, as I love to shop). He can play golf. He referred to himself as “Hershey’s Chocolate Man”

Artem – Loves motorcycles, fishing and hunting. He is very shy and the cast calls him “Velvet”

Peta – Began dancing in the production of Burn The Floor and that is how she got her start on DWTS.

Witney – loves all the Harry Potter movies, but the first one is her absolute favorite.

Jenna – loves dancing as a troupe member of DWTS as she can perform the “Bumpers”, which are the dances that are performed after a commercial break. I, personally, love the “Bumpers”

Alan – He is the youngest member of the cast & would love to be a named Pro S21.

Val – For S21 his wish list as a partner is someone who is famous or who is not famous, that is dedicated, committed and willing to learn to dance. (I definitely would volunteer to be his S21 partner). Val, also, said he has such great gratitude for all the fans for his incredible S20 MIrror Ball Trophy Win.

The show ended with the final dance to the song “Clap Your Hands”, to celebrate 10 incredible years of DWTS. Cheers to 10 years and beyond!

Last year, I was lucky enough to meet Val and Sharna Burgess at Ballroom With A Twist. Even though, I may not have met any of the pros of DWTS Live, I still had an amazing time watching the pros dance live from the show I love so much! (Lois here – I went with Kathy to Lancaster PA, The Fulton Theater. We decided then it would be the first of hopefully many tour shows to attend. We didn’t get VIP to meet the pros for the DWTS Tour Show, but we will consider doing so for future tour shows that we might attend.)

Being a fan of DWTS since Season 1, I must say seeing DWTS Live on Tour was a fantastic experience. I actually felt like I was in the ballroom!


Review Written By Kathy L. Erdman, June 23, 2015

Preface Written By Lois A Troutman, June 23, 2015

NOTE: I was not able to get satisfactory pictures. Even though we were six rows from the stage, it was not conducive to picture taking with an iPhone camera. I tried a few but gave up because they would not have been quality pictures to share.