PureDWTS Season 23 Cast Rumors & Watchout: Aly Raisman is Trying to Get Simone Biles to Do the Show

With the Olympics currently underway, I’ve been seeing a lot of speculation about which athletes we might see on season 23 – with particular attention paid to the US women’s gymnastics team, since we’ve had 3 former Olympic gymnasts on DWTS (Shawn Johnson, Aly Raisman, & Nastia Liukin).  Well it looks like we may have gotten our first semi-solid piece of intel that the show is sniffing around for another gymnast – check out this feature that US Weekly did on Simone Biles:



Teammate Aly Raisman was on 2013’s Dancing with the Stars and is urging Biles to follow suit: “I can’t dance, but that’s the whole point.”

I’ve always had a hard time getting a read on Aly (some of you might have seen me tweeting about it the other night), but I doubt she’d be encouraging Simone to do DWTS if the show hadn’t at least reached out to Simone already. And the fact that Simone thought to bring it up in an interview, no less, probably means that there is already a legit offer on the table.

I’m crossing my fingers AND toes that this one comes to fruition, because MY GOD, this girl is PHENOMENAL at what she does.  It’s hard to really leave me speechless these days – but watching her do her floor routine the other night was a revelation.  I think she could really wow us, even if she claims she can’t dance, because her work ethic just seems tireless. Also worth mentioning? Simone stands an itty-bitty 4’9″ – even tinier than Shawn Johnson and only a mere inch taller than Snooki…who was partnered by the diminutive Sasha, who also happens to boast the strongest gymnastic skills of any pro on the show.  If Simone gets cast, I can’t see any way that they couldn’t bring Sasha back – unless they run into another mismatch situation to ensure Val gets a spot, in which case I may roll my eyes so hard they get stuck and I’m unable to watch the rest of the season 😛 I think Sasha would be PERFECT for Simone.

So what do you guys think? Could Simone be contemplating a run for the mirrorball after the Olympics wrap up? Could she be Sasha’s best shot at an MBT? Or would you rather see another member of the US women’s gymnastics team on the dancefloor?

Special thanks to the @thetv_addicted for tweeting me this little nugget.