PureDWTS Season 24 Questionnaire: Grade The Season So Far, Your Top 5 Couples, And More

It’s that time again! Let’s see how you are feeling about Dancing With The Stars Season 24 so far. Try and answer the following questions below to the best of your ability or what you think of first.

1. As of right now, who are your Top 5 Favorite Couples?

2. Do you think 3 of your top 5 favorite couples will make the finals? If not, which 3 couples do you think WILL make the finals?

3. What has been your three favorite dances so far on Dancing With The Stars Season 24? You can name some runners up if you like.

4. Which Pros have had the Best Choreography of the season so far?

5. If you were to grade the show so far from “A” (being the best) to “F” (being the worst), what grade would you give it and why?

6. From the few Pro Numbers so far (let’s hope they have more soon), which is your favorite?

Meet you in comments with my answers and thanks so much for participating! xx