Tyler Cameron – The Next Bachelor…or DWTS Contestant???

He’s hot, he’s extremely popular right now, and according to The Inquisitor, has DWTS on his wish list. I’m for it. 🙂 For those not in the know, Tyler was Bachelorette Hannah’s second choice on this latest (very dramatic and somewhat disturbing) edition of The Bachelorette. Now, those of you who know me, know I hate-watch the Bachelor/ette franchise for all it’s cringe-worthy glory. But this last season I not only liked the Bachelorette quite a bit (as did all of America, apparently), but I liked quite a few of her guys. Particularly Tyler. Anyway, these two – Hannah and Tyler – are easily two of the most popular peeps to be on that franchise in a while. And people buy into this shows thing. So…maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. But he’s not ruling it out. See an excerpt below…click the link to read the whole article. He’s also not ruling out being the next Bachelor, so that could get in the way.

“As a kid, I always said I wanted to go on Dancing with the Stars and that football was going to be the way I got onto Dancing with the Stars. My football career didn’t work out, but maybe this could help me get on Dancing with Stars one day.”

It would be surprising if Tyler doesn’t end up as The Bachelor lead or as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars this fall. The hunky former football, aka the “Respectful King,” won the hearts of millions of fans of ABC’s rose-filled reality show so he would come with an instant fan base. If he is cast on the celebrity ballroom competition, Tyler would follow in the footsteps of past Bachelor Nation alums Jake Pavelka, Chris Soules, Seal Lowe, Nick Viall, “Grocery Store” Joe Amabile, and more who went on to compete for the DWTS mirrorball trophy.

We’re going to ignore that “as a kid” part and completely forget that when I started blogging for this show, he was 16. :::sigh:::

Note: This is HIS wishlist, not necessarily DWTS’s. This is not a “rumor”. Learn the difference. 🙂

ETA: OH…I think it just became an actual RUMOR! Adam is a producer on DWTS. Rumor…or red herring??