Dancing with the Stars Season 28, THE FINALE – Who’s Dancing What…and When??

To think, last week I started this post with how it was going to be a “much nicer” week. Ah, I was so naive then. 🙂  I confess to being rather curious to see what the moronic judges are going to pull this week. And somewhat afraid.  Here what the press release has to say:

For this last week of the competition, the opening number will consist of the remaining couples dancing to “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. There will be two rounds of dancing where each couple will do one repeat performance from earlier this season. And in the last element of competition, the couples will perform the most anticipated dance of the season—the fan-favorite freestyle routine.

Mega-superstar Cher will perform her classic “The Beat Goes On,” while Pitbull and Ne-Yo performs “3 to Tango” and “Me Quedaré Contigo.” In addition, the ballroom and viewing audiences will have a first look at the new season of “The Bachelor,” and the winner of the “American Idol” fan vote will be revealed live. Eliminated celebrities from this season will return to the ballroom for a final number.

Oh goodie, this show is packed with far more crap than your standard finale, include the American Idol fan vote winner – rub salt in the wound, ABC. Katy Perry takes DWTS budget with her ridiculously bloated salary and you pull AI into DWTS. Thanks a hell of a lot. Not only that, but Pitbull performs for the 500th time, in his annual reappearance. But wait! There’s more…

In addition, the professional dancers that will be participating in “Dancing with the Stars – Live Tour 2020” will dance to “How Do I Know” performed by Ray Chew Live. At the end of the night, there will be an announcement revealing which celebrities will be joining the professional dancers on the nationwide tour.

Vying for America’s vote, each couple will dance to a variety of songs including Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire,” Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl,” Kriss Kross’ “Jump” and Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga,” among others.

Which celebrities will be joining the tour. Considering the shit they’ve given Hannah all season, I would be surprised if she were one. And I would think that Lauren has too much going on. Betcha we see Ally on tour. I hope Kel goes on tour so maybe he has a shot to win. :::shrug::: They don’t need the winner on the tour and I believe they’ve done more than one without the winner, so who knows?

The dances are interesting. I wonder if the couples picked them? I tend to doubt it – Hannah choose a week one dance? Why not her quickstep, which was arguably her best dance? Lauren chose a week 4 dance. Both could work – have a pretty dance combined with an explosive freestyle.  It could be they both show nice range.  That said, if the judges or producers picked, it’s possible they want both to fail.  Ally gets Jive, which she first did in week 4.  Depending on her freestyle, it could be a mistake.  I think Kel has the best set of the night, but of course, the last time I said that the judges sent James home. So who the hell knows?

Kel and Witney – Jazz and Freestyle

Ally and Sasha – Jive and Freestyle

Hannah and Alan – Viennese Waltz and Freestyle

Lauren and Gleb – Foxtrot and Freestyle