Alec Mazo And Edyta Sliwinska Premiere “Dance Temptation” In Niagara Falls

We may not be able to see these two talented and beautiful dancers on Dancing With The Stars any longer, but, Edyta Sliwinksa and Alec Mazo are still very much out there dancing. If you live in or are in the Niagara Falls area from now until August 6th, don’t miss seeing them in a new dance, music, and theatrical production called “Dance Temptation” at the Fallsview Casino Resort. The lead couple Matt & Jessica (played by Alec and Edyta) search for love as “they meet temptation at every turn, traveling the world and experiencing different cultures through famous dance styles”. Sounds cool, huh? The former Dancing With The Stars professionals came up with all of their own choreography for the show. You can read more about the show and get ticket information at the “Dance Temptation” website. According to Edyta at twitter, the theatre was full for opening night and what’s more, they received a “standing ovation”! She said, “After all the hard work it feels amazing”. Let’s hope this show hit’s the road and can be seen everywhere.