Keeping An Eye On Former Dancing With The Stars Alumni And New Gig On The X Factor

This story raised one of my eyebrows this morning being several of our almuni from Dancing With The Stars are being considered for the new co-hosting job on the X-Factor this fall. As you know from our previous reports, several of the names listed below have either teased about returning, mentioned they aren’t sure about returning, and/or have been rumored to be dancing again on Dancing With The Stars during this same time period. Read below to see what I mean. If one or several of them are picked, does this mean they are out for the new season of Dancing With The Stars? From Entertainment Weekly. Look for our Miss Heidi’s thoughts after you read this.

Simon Cowell doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

The X Factor chief is taking his own sweet time finding the ideal host for the second season of the Fox version of his hit show. Unlike last year, when host-bot Steve Jones handled the show solo, Cowell wants two people for the gig this fall. And instead of having a host on the singing competition from the very start, the audition rounds (which are already being shot) will be host-free. “I want to work with a boy and girl and I definitely think this is a role for two people,” Cowell recently told reporters. “[We] have narrowed it down to 5 people.”

Some names we’re hearing are under consideration: BET personality Rocsi Diaz, actor and America’s Best Dance Crew host Mario Lopez and actress/model Stacy Keibler. Add to that some names E! Online is hearing: Khloé Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, BET’s 106 & Park host Terrence J, sportscaster Erin Andrews and radio personality Mike Catherwood (more names below).

Sources emphasize that prospective hosts are still being interviewed and actual testing for the gig is not expected for several more weeks. “They want to make sure the duo has chemistry,” one insider said.

Heidi: Reeeaalllyyy…at least Steve was nice to look at…the ONE time I watched the show. 🙂 Call me crazy, but I don’t think ole Simon is going to be able to duplicate the success he’s had in the UK with this show. And really, dude, “boy and a girl?” These are all grown ass people you’re talking about here!! And guess what? You’re not making me any more inclined to watch the show. You’ve managed to pick some of my least favorite DWTS people, with the exception of Kelly. Erin Andrews? No. Although I did hear that she’s quit her ESPN gig….or something like that. To claim that I follow Erin’s activities would be over stating it tremendously. Oddly enough, out of this group, I think I would like Khloe best. Crazy right? Khloe and Mike?? Could be awesome…or so trainwrecky as to be a blast to watch. 😀

As to Vogue’s question about if doing XF rules them out for All Stars – most definitely, I would say. It might be in the studio next door, and they would likely have plenty of time…but DWTS hasn’t crossed network lines before for their “stars” so I don’t see them starting now. Unless desperate. 🙂

I guess the real question is…is EW full of crap or have they got a legit source on all this??