PureDWTS Audience Casting Watch: Christie Brinkley, Danica McKellar, Adrienne Maloof….

Sometimes I have to wonder about the celebs who show up in the audience to watch Dancing With The Stars and if they might not be considering dancing on the show in the future? For instance, Emmitt Smith was in the audience for the Dancing With The Stars Season 14 finals (or was it the semi finals?). The next thing we know, he was picked to do the Dancing With The Stars All Stars season.

I also remember Christie Brinkley being in the audience for Season 14’s Semi Finals which brings me to this piece on Anderson Cooper yesterday with Christie doing a Samba with this season’s Dancing With The Stars All Star Gilles Marini.

Nice, huh? 🙂

During her run in “Chicago”, Access Hollywood asked Christie if she’d ever do Dancing With The Stars. She wouldn’t say yes or no. In fact, she said, “never say never”. She also said TPTB have asked her to do the show before, but, the timing has never been right.

While atttending “Chicago”, Kym Johnson said would like to see Christie dance and remarked “hopefully” Christie would do the show someday in this interview….

Do you see where I might be going with this? 😀 Yes, TPTB, please make it happen…if you haven’t already! 💡 😮

Moving on! Lee Meriwether didn’t make a showing this past season (that I remember?), but, she was seen in the audience the season before (and maybe more than once as it seems she was in the audience in season 12 too?). She is also continually tweeting about Dancing With The Stars. Did anyone notice how she was campaigning hard for Tony to win last week and, as many of you know, she has been “following” many of us at twitter for several seasons now.

And how about these two? I didn’t see them, but, this person in the tweet below noticed Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Adrienne Maloof(The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) in the audience at this season’s finale….

It’s true. Danica posted this tweet. You can see a picture of she and Tom in it. Tom Bergeron also tweeted the picture out…

And then there is this tweet from Adrienne….

Courtney told me she saw Adrienne in the audience as well.

So, who have you noticed in the audience of Dancing With The Stars for the past couple of seasons? Let us know and let’s keep a “watch out” in case they or the above celebrities get picked to do Dancing With The Stars in the following season(s). You never know, right?