Dancing with the Stars Season 16 Rumors – Another General Hospital Actor??

Ya know, it’s kinda funny.  Maybe I’m getting jaded but every season it’s like: Soap actor, check. Olympian, check. Footballer, check. Struggling musician, check. Three people from the ABC family, check.  Come on, guys – I’ve heard that Michelle Stafford from the Young and the Restless would love do do it and she’d look great with Tristan. :::sigh::: Just think of the whole universe of TV people you could have on the show if you weren’t hung up on this network CRAP.  Okay….rant over. 🙂  Back to the point of this post.  Caroline Hinsey (@CarolynHinsey) is a columnist for Soap Opera Digest. A little bit ago she tweeted the following:

Carolyn Hinsey

I don’t know who the heck Alice is, but it’s not Finola Hughes, from what I gather on Twitter. Where’s Nathan? Educate us Nathan. Who are the likely contenders, if Carolyn knows what she’s talking about??