Dancing with the Stars Season 23 – PRO WATCH!!

Welp. I must say, my snark is extremely rusty because it’s been on vacation. 🙂 I’ll see if I can whip something out before the end of this post.

So, you may have seen in an earlier post that Val blessed us with several nuggets that only a C-bro can knock out, strongly implying (well, out right proclaiming) that he’s already connected with his partner. Hey, if you don’t have choreo, you work with what you have. 😉 Plus he’s not going to go “Hollywood” (like his brother and everyone else on this show – as if it were a bad thing – it’s called a CAREER after dancing).

I am working on the assumption (despite what he says) that Derek is out for good. I think the only way we see him again is if he gets an unexpected hole in his schedule and he’s afraid of boredom and they offer him a shit ton of money. And this *could* happen, although I wouldn’t count on it, since he was talking about “fun projects” in his off time. That said, “Singin’ in the Rain” has been delayed from late 2016 – early 2017 to solidly 2017. No date yet…because they don’t have a theater, because Broadway is doing well per Derek. This means, if we don’t see him in the Spring 2017 season, he won’t be on the show until 2018 at the earliest. Keep in mind, also, that I’m talking about him competing. He could certainly do some pro dances. Kinda surprised he hasn’t popped up on SYTYCD yet, honestly. Non-compete clause??

That brings us to Kym and Peta. Kym just got married and isn’t really a recurring pro these days. Peta is visibly pregnant and certainly out for the season. I hope Lindsay is in – hope, hope, hope. Based on a lot that Allison has said and her ability to get Emmy nominations, I’m going with “In, if they find her a partner.”

Sasha and Emma have choreographed as a team TWICE on SYTYCD this season, but I don’t think it precludes them being pros on DWTS – others have done both at the same time. Not sure we’ll get both though. We’ll have to wait and see. I think they, unfortunately, are two pros who depend on the producers finding them partners – they’re not (yet) in the category of the producers doing whatever they have to do to find them a partner, even mismatching them (see Val and Tamar).

So, remember kids, we have twitter too. Give us a few minutes to update before you start spamming the post telling us that xyz said they had a partner.

ETA1: This may be something, or this may be nothing – we’ll leave it up to you to judge.  Corky Ballas (pro in seasons 7 and 11) is asking to be verified on Twitter, with the reasoning being that “DWTS fall season is starting soon”.  I’m more inclined to think he just wants a fancy check mark next to his name & will say whatever to get it, but in the same token, maybe he IS somehow involved in the upcoming season. Heidi wondered if maybe he had been hired to judge; some of you mentioned in the comments that maybe he’s this season’s token “old pro”.  For now, we’ll just keep an eye on him…-Court-

ETA2: There’s an article circulating that claims Gleb is returning as a pro this season – you can read it here, and allegedly it’s getting officially announced at the even tonight at The Grove.  Beginning to wonder if tonight’s event is going to be a sort of informal “pro announcement”, as opposed to announcing it on GMA…anyone going that wants to text me updates on what’s going on? 😉 -Court-  

ETA3: Emma just posted this on Instagram about a new project she’s undertaking.  In theory, she COULD do both this and DWTS…but if she’s doing DWTS (even just as troupe), I don’t see why she would take this on.  She is also one of the few that has not posted on social media about being at the Grove tonight (along with Mark, Tony, Keo, Karina & Lindsay)…which makes me wonder if she is sitting this season (and possibly every season from now on) out 🙁 Tony, Karina, & Edyta haven’t said anything about the show recently, and Keo appears to have grown a beard and gotten a tattoo in the off-season, which makes me wonder if he, too, is out. Mark has yet to tweet anything about the show, and while Lindsay hasn’t either, she did post a picture of her working out back in Utah a few days ago that mentioned she was heading back to L.A…gah, I don’t want to think about a season without Mark, but is it possible we’ve reached the point where he moves on? -Court-

ETA4: This post is getting kinda long, so go check out the post about tonight’s event at the Grove for a bit more of an elaboration on who is gonna be there tonight (and possibly, who isn’t).  At this point, I’d say if a pro hasn’t said they’re gonna be there or hasn’t been tagged/mentioned by another pro/the DancingABC account as being there – there’s a chance they might be sitting this season out. -Court-

ETA5: DWTSGossip is tweeting the pros below as in with two open female spots. It all sounds reasonable to me but I’m leaving the question marks in some instances…just in case. I like to qualify things. 😉 The ones without question marks I was already pretty sure they would be back, regardless. ~Heidi

ETA6: So, you think Mark is dashing to meet his partner, or is it something else?? And yes…we are stalking. 🙂

ETA7: It’s very possible that Mark is running through Newark to catch a connection to meet up with Shirley for Killick Klassic – since he missed it last year and Derek filled in, he’s gotta go and be a good son. Also, George Pennachio confirms Artem is in.

ETA8: Vogue here. Check out US Weekly. There is a fun article with mentions on Allison and Gleb returning to Dancing With The Stars. Also, Elena is packing her bags (see below) and Gleb is excited too (instagram at the bottom of the page). I think it’s definitely safe to take the question mark from Gleb’s name now.

ETA9: It appears Karina is probably out. See the bottom of the post. ~Heidi

ETA10: Per DancingABC, Emma is back. See bottom of post.

ETA11: Well….not saying anything else. 🙂
GMA Pro Announcement

ETA12: According to E Online, Maks is back as a Pro. ~ Vogue

ETA13: According to his Twitter, Tony is officially out for Season 23

ETA14: And Jenna’s fondish wish comes true. Ugh.

ETA15: Wow. Glad that secret is out of the bag. 😉 ~Heidi

ETA16: Vogue here. Our hunches were right as Keo has been moved to the troupe via George Pennacchio.

ETA17: A few more updates below. Edyta (per her twitter) is out. Cheryl Burke is also heavily rumored to be a Pro. ~Vogue

ETA18: Sorry, Mark fans. ~Heidi

Male Pros
Val –  IN
Gleb – IN
Mark – OUT
Artem – IN
Derek – IN
Sasha – IN
Maks – IN

Female Pros
Sharna – IN
Emma – IN
Witney – IN
Allison – IN
Lindsay – IN
Jenna – IN
Cheryl – IN?

Status of Former Pros
Tristan MacManus – No, appears to have sworn off TV dancing
Anna Trebunskaya – ??
Kym Johnson – OUT??
Lacey Schwimmer – No, doing Vegas
Cheryl Burke – Out – committed to another network
Maksim Chmerkovskiy – IN?
Louis Van Amstel – ??
Chelsie Hightower – ??
Corky Ballas – asking to be verified on Twitter due to DWTS starting soon
Karina – OUT
Edyta – OUT
Tony – OUT
Peta – OUT

The Troupe
Keo – IN
Henry Byalikov – Guessing out for good
Jenna Johnson – ??
Brittany Cherry – ??
Alan Bersten – ??
Hayley Ebert – ??
Shannon Holtzapffel – ??
Dennis Jauch – ??
Kiril Kulish – ??

Get ready cos we’re comin ! ?? #dwts @theartemc aka: Velvet is killin it over here ??

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