Dancing with the Stars Season 25 – PRO WATCH!!

It’s that time of year once again folks. And sans Derek and Mark, I can’t say I’m terribly enthused…unless we can get Sasha or Sharna a MBT this time around. 😉

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Derek recently said, very firmly, that he’s not coming back. Since he’s committed to NBC I would assume that to be solid, despite what he says about Celine Dion. 😉 I’m fairly sure I heard Mark say that he is out as well, but I’m not as sure about that. Peta has started playing the Chmerkovskiy salary negotiation game – all three (Peta, Val and Maks) have implied they “might” be back. Peta pretty much outright said if she gets a good partner. I have a question mark by Jenna with the word out because I think it hinges on SYTYCD. Based on her pick, I suspect she’ll be available.

ETA2: It’s Pro Reveal Day on GMA!! Watch this space down here and I’ll be updating (or trying to) as we go!

We think Mark is back based on the silhouette!!  Pray…our only male choreographic hope sans Derek!!

Gee, I had forgotten how lame GMA is. :::rolls eyes:::  This is why I watch CBS This Morning. This show is crap.

Thank you Jesus. Mark is back. Please give him a decent partner. oOooo…sounds like they lured him back with his partner.

LOL to Bruno!!

Shit. Looks like Sasha might have gotten hosed. Alan lovers got their way for some mysterious reason. Let’s hope he lives up to the hype. I have my doubts.

There might still be a pro to be revealed, since we appear to be one short….

ETA: With this latest update from ET, it looks like we now have a full roster of pros.  Sorry, Jenna/Allison/Sasha fans. Cheryl fans, rejoice! 🙂 -Court-

Male Pros
Val – IN
Gleb – IN
Mark – IN (Hooray!!)
Artem – IN
Derek – OUT
Sasha – (OUT??? not announced and we already have 7)
Maks – IN
Keo – IN
Alan – IN

Female Pros
Sharna – IN
Kym – OUT
Emma – IN
Witney – IN
Allison – OUT
Lindsay – IN
Jenna – OUT
Cheryl – IN
Peta – IN

Status of Former Pros (You never know!)
Tristan MacManus – No, appears to have sworn off TV dancing
Anna Trebunskaya – Expecting Baby #2
Lacey Schwimmer – Unlikely
Louis Van Amstel – ?
Chelsie Hightower – ?
Corky Ballas – ?
Karina Smirnoff –
Edyta Sliwinska –
Tony Dovolani –

The Troupe
Brittany Cherry – Filling in for Jenna for first three weeks
Britt Stewart – In
Hayley Ebert – In
Brandon Armstrong – In
Sasha Farber – In
Jenna Johnson – In
Artur Adamski – In
Shannon Holtzapffel – Out
Dennis Jauch – Out
Kiril Kulish – Out

ETA: Let the guessing begin!! I guess Tony and Cheryl.