PureDWTS Season 25 – ET Reporting Cheryl Burke Is Back As A Pro

Well it looks like most of you guessed correctly – ET is reporting that Cheryl is indeed back as a pro this season:

Looks like Cheryl Burke is making her way back into the ballroom after all!

A source tells ET that the 33-year-old dancer will return as a pro for season 25 of Dancing With the Stars.

“She’s really excited to return to her roots,” the source says. “She doesn’t want to let anyone down, so you can expect she will be bringing her A-game every night!”

They go on to detail how her Love On The Floor tour got pushed back to 2018, and how returning to DWTS was a “no-brainer”. Given that she wasn’t announced as a pro on GMA today, it’s safe to say she is likely the 13th “surprise pro” that will be announced during the cast announcement on Sept. 6.  For those holding out for a Sasha/Jenna/Allison surprise return – sorry, but maybe next year.
I’m glad both she & Mark will be back – I tend to find that it keeps the newer, more headstrong pros in check a bit better when they have to deal with some OG MBT winners 🙂