Dancing With The Stars 12 – Hines Ward: “Kym is an athelete and a true Steeler”

The Fabulous Forum at the LA Times has a new interview/blog up with Hines. They ask him about when he cried after him and Kym’s dance Monday night. He was just so relieved they completed the dance and she was ok. His first thought was that “this competition wasn’t worth her future or her life.” He also called her a “Trooper” and an “athelete”. A “True Steeler” and a never-quit mentality!! And isn’t that the truth! More below and at the link.

Q: There were tears in your eyes after finishing your first dance on Monday. It has been such an emotional week for you because of Kym’s injury. Take us back to that moment right after the dance ended. What was going through your mind?
Aww, I was just happy we made it through the dance. I mean after seeing Kym get injured like she did, nothing mattered to me except her health. I thought she had broken her neck at first and it really hit me. My first thought was that this competition wasn’t worth her future or her life. So when we were able to complete the dance and seeing her go through it after what she went through was overwhelming for me. She has done so much for me and I was just so glad she was OK. I guess I lost it for a moment. She is the best and I am just glad she is OK.

Q: So Kym nearly breaks her neck and comes out dancing like nothing is wrong on Monday. Will that make it hard for any Steelers rookie to complain to you about feeling banged up this season?
Kym is a trooper. She is an athlete and a true Steeler and has the never-quit mentality. She believes in me and that we can win this competition and will push herself beyond her limits. I respect and admire her for that. She is a great coach and I owe my success in dancing so far to her. I think our team shares the same never-quit mentality and I am sure my teammates, veterans and rookies alike, appreciate Kym’s work ethic like I do.

Q: Next week is the finale. I’m sure you entered the competition with the desire to win, but, deep down, did you really expect to do as well as you have done?
No. My goal coming into it was to just not be the first one kicked off. And honestly, to be doing the types of dances I’ve been doing and to still be here in the finals speaks volumes of my coach. Kym is amazing and I owe it all to her.

Below is a cool quote from Steeler coach, Mike Tomlin from USA Today on Hines. I love this.

“Hines is one of those guys that always puts himself in position to seize those once in a lifetime moments,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told the team’s website. “Not only because he is extremely talented, but because he works so hard. That is what being the MVP of the Super Bowl is about and that’s what competing with Dancing with the Stars is about.”

Source for Photo: On The Red Carpet