Toni Redpath From “So You Think You Can Dance” Reviews The DWTS 15 Semi-Finals

Toni Redpath, a ballroom choreographer and judge from “So You Think You Can Dance”, has reviewed the Semi-Finals of Dancing With The Stars. She’s got some interesting comments. Below is how she felt on the contestants first dances. Be sure you read how she felt on their second dances at her official Facebook page here. She feels like us in some cases and not in others depending how you feel….

Melissa… Argentine Tango… Thank goodness for a recognizable dance. Great dance for her, as she can show off her beautiful legs. Some parts were amazing, some parts look a little awkward (like the pretzel move just before the final walk off). Great job to Tony for pulling off this evening with a bad back.

Shawn… I was curious to see if she could pull off such a mature & sexy dance considering how, in my opinion, she’s taken a step back in her emotional performance level since the Titanic routine. Unfortunately she came across as robotic & stand-offish instead of sultry. Remarkable physical performance though, but that’s not enough to win this competition.

Apolo… Rumba is a good dance for him. I love all the basics that Karina put in. Sliding doors, Nat opening outs, fan etc… Just beautiful after all the madness that ensued earlier in the evening. Apolo did a good job, but is throwing himself off balance by sending his upper body into turns first… Otherwise, amazing.

Emmitt…. Danced his Tango with a lot of intensity and I love the set of ripple stalks. However, footwork & posture are always going to be his great downfall if it ever becomes important in the competition. If it’s just a popularity contest he’ll be fine though. He’s just so loveable

Kelly… Breakout performer of the night… She’s really pushing herself in the emotional aspect of her dancing… Shawn should learn from her; dancing is not just about technical execution & dynamic movement, you have to have an emotional connection to the music & your partner, otherwise the audience won’t emotionally connect with you.