DWTS Season 17, Week 10 – The Semi Finals!! – Let’s Recap Tonight’s Show!! (SPOILERS)

I’m very interested to see which Maks we get tonight. I have a feeling he really wants to do a good job. The question is…does he have it in him to be fair and constructive? Or will the wacko juice from the judges on either side of him infect his brain?? 🙂  Right now, I have some confidence.  Check back here every few minutes to see if I lose it completely. 😉

First dance down and Leah finally gets called out. Not only was that dance simple as hell (more simple than anything Amber does while injured) but she stumbled more than once.

I’m liking Maks so far as a judge…but we’re only one dance in. 🙂  Not entirely sure that being called a “technician” is particularly flattering in this context though.

Almost forgot – that opening dance was FANTASTIC!! Who was responsible for that? It looked like a Mandy Moore – particularly with Derek out in front for half of it.

Discuss. 😀


Bill and Leah were in jeopardy and Leah FINALLY goes home.

In other news, Maks was rather hilarious as a judge. Love that they put him next to Bruno – that added a whole other level of amusement. 🙂