PureDWTS Season 21, Week 3 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

And already, we’re talking week 3 – it’s “TV Icons” week, and Alfonso is the guest judge. If my gut tells me anything, it’s that we might see some TV themes from past seasons reused, just to save time and money. But I’m sure there will be some new blood mixed in, too – I’d love to see someone dance to the theme from The Sopranos, but that’s just me 🙂

ETA: Sure sounds like Paula & Louis have Gilligan’s Island as their TV theme.  The question is: what the hell kinda dance are they doing? Almost sounds like a paso doble to me…and apparently Carlos has salsa. And Tamar revealed on The Real that she has tango, I guess.  Taking you guys’ word for it on a lot of this stuff, cause I just can’t keep up…

ETA2: Based on the press release Vogue just posted, here’s the music for Monday night’s show.  Gotta say – I’m actually pretty impressed with what they were able to clear 🙂 Love Breaking Bad theme – hope Mark comes up with some really edgy contemporary routine to it. I think Tamar & Val hit the jackpot with the Mad Men theme, which Derek actually choreographed a pretty cool tango to w/Allison for the Emmy live show a few years back.  Looks like Andy & Allison may have gotten a song switched on them – but Bandstand is still fun. I may or may not have wet myself upon see “Thank You For Being a Friend” from The Golden Girls on here – but a SALSA??? Seriously???

ETA3: Vogue here! According to Derek’s new blog, he and Bindi have a quickstep. What a messed up week it’s been though since they couldn’t get their first song cleared at first. Be sure to read why HERE.

ETA4: Nick dancing “second last” according to Sharna. -Heidi

Alek and Lindsay – ? (Song: Theme from True Blood)

Alexa and Mark – Jazz (Song: Theme from Breaking Bad)

Andy and Allison – Quickstep (Song: Theme from Happy Days American Bandstand)

Bindi and Derek – Quickstep (Song: Theme from The Jeffersons)

Carlos and Witney – Jazz (Song: Theme from The Golden Girls)
Dancing 1st

Gary and Anna – Tango? (Song: Theme from The Addams Family)

Hayes and Emma – Jive (Song: Theme from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Kim and Tony – Samba? (Song: Theme from I Dream of Jeannie)

Nick and Sharna – V. Waltz (Song: Theme from Downton Abbey)
Dancing 10th

Paula and Louis – Samba (Song: Theme from Gilligan’s Island)

Tamar and Val – Tango (Song: Theme from Mad Men)