PureDWTS Season 27, Week 1, Night 2 – LIVE BLOG!!!

So if you missed last night and are just tuning in, you can catch up with what went down last night here.  As for what’s going down tonight, an audible just got called in the last few hours that only the bottom 6 couples (in combined scores and votes after last night) will actually be dancing tonight, and the top 7 are safe and will not have to do their second dance. Songs and dance styles are here – if I had to guess, I’d say Nikki, Joe, John, Nancy, Danelle, and Evanna will probably be dancing tonight; outside chance of Milo, and long-shot shocker chance of Alexis. Which kinda sucks, because I was really looking forward to seeing Tinashe’s second jive 🙁 I don’t have all the details of how this is going to work, but I would guess the elimination will be based on last night’s scores + votes, plus tonight’s scores (for those who actually dance); either the scores for those that dance tonight get tossed out after the elim, or everyone that doesn’t dance gets a set number of points added to their total so they aren’t at a disadvantage next week (like the winner of the immunity challenges we’ve seen in the past).

Additionally, we’ve got the whole DWTS Juniors cast in the house tonight, for the formal announcement of the junior celebs – if you can’t wait, our spoiler post is here.  I think the cast announcement, six dances, Kenzie singing, and doing an actual elim is enough to fill 2 hours – plus there’s the usual filler (recaps of last night’s dances, Tom plugging whatever’s going on next week, interviews with the couples, etc.). Plenty to blog about 🙂

So who do I think is in danger heading into tonight’s elim? If you didn’t read my power rankings for night 1, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: I think Nikki is unfortunately a goner, with Joe on the bubble and John as the longshot. If Nikki & Joe get called safe pretty early on, all bets are off. I honestly don’t think these 2nd dances are going to do much in the way of changing the outcome of the elimination – if I have time tomorrow (or realistically, later this week), I may run the numbers and do a what-if analysis to see what, if any, impact they would have had.

Here we go, night #2!!!

Kind of a cool, edgy opener – no props, just the pros doing doing tango/paso with lasers. I dig it.

Ok so they ARE doing a live vote at DWTSLiveVote.com.  Make note, kids.

Ok the first four getting their results are DeMarcus & Lindsay, Tinashe & Brandon, Nancy & Val, and Joe & Jenna.  I’d say Nancy & Joe are probably gonna have to dance again.

Lots of time-wasting fluff…recapping last night…

Safe: DeMarcus & Lindsay.  And rightfully so.

Also safe: Tinashe & Brandon.  In jeopardy: Nancy & Val.  ALSO SAFE: Joe & Jenna.  WOW.

Just to put in perspective the power of the Bachelor Nation: Joe was the bottom of the leaderboard, with the next person up being 3 points ahead.  Not only is he not in the bottom – HE’S NOT EVEN IN THE BOTTOM SIX. Let that sink in – we could be seeing a lot more of him this season.

Also, Joe being safe means someone higher up on the leader board is now in jeopardy.  Maybe Milo & Witney…?

Here we go with the Juniors! 🙂

God, these kids are cute. Little Artyon just cracks me up, pulling faces – he looks like he’s handling ballroom well 😎

Next group getting results: Nikki & Gleb, Bobby & Sharna, Alexis & Alan, John & Emma, and Juan Pablo & Cheryl.  I’m guessing Juan Pablo, Bobby, and Alexis are safe; Nikki & John are probably the ones in jeopardy.

More recapping of last night.  No real revelations here.

I want to see Alexis with dramatic makeup – like a red lip.  She’s gorgeous with the natural look, but I’d love to see her in something bolder.

“Maybe my children will speak to me again!” – Oof, John.  Maybe leave that out.

Lots of verbal diarrhea from this batch of celebs. 😛

SAFE: Juan & Cheryl.  No surprise.

IN JEOPARDY: Nikki & Gleb, John & Emma.

SAFE: Bobby & Sharna.  IN JEOPARDY: Alexis & Alan.  Dammit, my gut feeling about Alexis’ fanbase may be right.  But I’m hype for this jive!!! 🙂

So we’ve got 2 more couples that have to dance tonight, and we have yet to see the fate of Mary Lou, Evanna, Milo, & Danelle. I’m guessing Evanna and Danelle end up dancing again.

And now getting their results are Evanna & Keo, Mary Lou & Sasha, Danelle & Artem, and Milo & Witney.

“Two little dancing grapes, dancing our little grape butts off.” Milo is darling. 😛

Seeing Artem guiding Danelle down the stairs is making things dusty in my house.  *sniffle*

God Milo is so daggone adorable.

I think it’s been established (multiple times) that Mary Lou was the first woman on the Wheaties box.  Can we find a new schtick, please?

Awww, Amy sending a message to Danelle. 🙂

Now the results…

SAFE: Milo & Witney!!! 🙂

IN JEOPARDY: Danelle & Artem 🙁 , and Mary Lou & Sasha.  Wow.

SAFE: Evanna & Keo.

I’m honestly kind of shocked that Mary Lou & Sasha are in the bottom 6.  I thought for sure she’d be a fanbase darling.

Getting Len’s take on last night as a whole – he insists he wasn’t in a bad mood last night.

DeMarcus & Lindsay get the encore – and I daresay he actually looks even better tonight.  More at ease.

These kids, I’m just…wow.  So stinkin’ cute.

I seriously encourage everyone to tune in for Juniors on Oct. 7 – from what I’ve heard, these kids are phenomenal.  I’ll be doing the live blogs on Sundays.  Need a your appetite whet? Check out our “Things to Look Forward To” post 😉

I may be totally biased, but I think Artyon may be the breakout star of the male junior pros 😛

Lil Kamri & Artyon, lookin’ like a mini Witney & Keo on the promo spot 😛

PLOT TWIST: They’re calling one more couple safe.  I’m wondering if they’re pressed for time.  It’s John & Emma that won’t have to dance.

Mary Lou & Sasha up first. Maybe slight improvement over last night’s dance.  Not that it matters, because I really doubt she’s headed home.

Len seems to like it, says “well done”. Bruno says she’s “back with a vengeance” and compliments her foot placement. Carrie Ann liked the solo, and said it was what she “was hoping to see last night”.  She gets 7, 7, 7 – an improvement from last night.  She’s likely safe.

Danelle & Artem are up next…

But first, Junior pros going HAM to “Shout”.  Artyon slaying, as per usual 🙂

I feel bad for Danelle.  I think she was really hoping to not have to dance again.

Danelle also improves – it actually felt like she was having fun during that dance.

Judges generally trying to be complimentary, but pointing out a few mistakes.  Not sure I feel good about the tone of this critique.  It feels like they’re prepping her for elim – Len says she’s “an inspiration to America”.  They get 6, 6, 6 – so no improvement in score from last night. I still think she’s likely safe.

Nikki & Gleb are next…

For a second I thought Nikki was being sarcastic when she said “I’m so glad I get to do that same style I did on Monday!” But alas, she was being honest.  Thought she was one of us for a second 😉

Lost my wireless connection for minute there.  Nikki maybe improved slightly over last night’s dance, but the judges are critiquing it pretty hard.  I think she’s probably a goner.

She gets 6, 6, 6 – improvement of 1 point.  Probably not going to be enough to save her.

Alexis & Alan up next – and I’m honestly excited to see this one.  I’m hoping Alexis really goes for it. She looks fantastic in that gold dress!

Oh hai Terra 🙂

“The second jive is more sexy, powerful, and confident.” GET IT, ALEXIS!

Hmmm…I think I actually liked last night’s jive better. Still a great jive, but she looked a little bit off her game at certain points.

Len is shocked that Alexis is in jeopardy, and is threatening to expose his buttocks in a supermarket if she doesn’t come back next week.  Bruno is equally surprised and says she’s a great dancer that “deserves to be here”. Alexis tears up talking about making her mom proud.  Alan comforts her.  Fauxmance or not, I ship it 😉

7, 8, 8 – judges are voicing their displeasure with Alexis being in jeopardy with their scores.  She ought to be ok.

Last up is Nancy & Val. They’re probably okay too, but it’ll be nice to see Nancy getting a second chance.

Nancy looks a lot more comfortable out on the floor tonight, and seems to actually be having fun.

Online voting now open, kids! Go get your votes in.

Bruno’s gushing, Carrie Ann’s impressed with her growth, and Len is glad her body contact improved.  They’re likely safe as well.

7, 7, 7 – she earned it.  My guess is that it’s likely Nikki headed home, outside chance of Danelle.

Ok, Kenzie seems like a nice girl, but I’m not particularly wowed by this song or her singing. I’m watching Brightyn, Tristan, Sage, & Rylee doing their thing.

Voting is now closed. Man, with as much time as I’ve had to devote to watching (and blogging) this show this week, you’d think it was finale week – but we’re only in week 1. Probably the least climactic elimination. And we gotta do it again next week!

It’s elim time…

Also safe: Alexis & Alan.  Banshee shrieking in audience.

Mary Lou & Sasha safe as well.

ELIMINATED: Nikki & Gleb.  SAFE: Nancy & Val.  No big surprise there.

At the very least, Nikki seems good-natured about the whole thing.  I ended up liking her a lot more than I thought I would. Gleb, bro – YOU HAVE TO IMPROVE YOUR CHOREO.  I don’t know how many more chances you’re going to get, buddy.

Up next week: it’s New York Night on Monday, with guest performances by the cast of Beautiful: The Carol King Musical and Tiler Peck from the NYC ballet; Tuesday night is Vegas night, with performances by the Blue Man Group, Boyz II Men (hooray for a #TeamYayzee reunion!), and *hairball*Donny Osmond. Any bets on whether or not Tuesday night is going to be another “only the bottom 6” dance night? 😛