PureDWTS Season 27, Week 5: Who’s Dancing What, And When?

Disney Night. :::sigh:::  Who will likely do well?? Alexis, Milo, Evanna are the three who I can see really doing well with their dances and corresponding themes. DeMarcus likely will, but a charleston could be interesting. Will they continue to lowball the hell out of him?  JP…question is, can Cheryl finally make him happen??  Bobby will be interesting to watch. Can he harness all that energy into a beautiful waltz??

ETA: Updated with running order.  Right off the bat, good to see Milo closing the show – I think that’s a good sign for him. Juan Pablo going 2nd is concerning – especially since he went first last week and was a bit of a non-event. Joe likely dancing at the top of the 2nd hour makes me think he’s probably not headed home. -Court-

Alexis & Alan – Foxtrot  (Song: “Just Around the Riverbend” from Pocahontas)
Dancing 1st

Juan Pablo & Cheryl – V. Waltz  (Song: “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast)
Dancing 2nd

DeMarcus & Lindsay –  Charleston  (Song: “A Star is Born” from Hercules)
Dancing 3rd

Evanna & Keo –  Jazz (Song: “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled)
Dancing 4th

Joe & Jenna – Jive  (Song: “Zero” from Ralph Breaks the Internet)
Dancing 5th

Mary Lou & Sasha – Contemporary (Song: “Reflection” from Mulan)
Dancing 6th

John & Emma – Quickstep  (Song: “I Wan’na Be Like You” from The Jungle Book (seriously?))
Dancing 7th

Bobby & Sharna – Waltz  (Song: “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid”)
Dancing 8th

Milo & Witney –  Quickstep (Song: “Incredits 2” from Incredibles 2)
Dancing 9th


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Learning from the best at @disneyland! We can feel the #DisneyNight magic already. 😊 #TeamKevanna #DWTS

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This week has been pretty incredible already! 😄 Who’s excited for #DisneyNight tomorrow? #TeamWitlo #DWTS

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