Dancing with the Stars Season 28 – Who’s Dancing with Whom??

Well, it seems like we haven’t had to do with is quite some time, but here we are again!! They say we won’t find out the partnerships until the premiere, but I say the paparazzi and fans are much better than that!!

Your celebs are listed below and in our GMA Live Blog. As we find info about partnerships we will update this post. If you see something that implies a partnership, we NEED A LINK or some other evidence. If you want to make a prediction in the comments, by all means do so – but make it clear that it’s a prediction. If you don’t remember who the pros are, you can check out pro watch – I think it’s up to date now – this morning was kinda hectic so if you notice an error just let us know and we’ll fix. Have at it. 🙂

ETA: I don’t know if this is enough for me, but Jenna is meeting her partner today and had a specific producer with her. According to Linz, that producer was then at the Lakers’ arena. Would ordinarily mean nothing, but word is that all the pros are meeting their partners *tomorrow*, not today. That kinda narrows it down a bit. So, looks like Lamar is a possibility for Jenna. ~Heidi

ETA2: And Kel just followed Witney, according to Courtney….good enough for me! 🙂

ETA3: And Ray just tells everyone his partner is Cheryl. 🙂  Of course, since we’ve found three of the male celebs partners so easily, they could think they’re being clever with a coordinated “leak”.

ETA4: Thanks to Amanda in comments who says that Tom B. said on Sirius this morning that Keo and Daniella will be rotating pros who won’t have partners. No idea what that means. I also love (sarcasm) people who screencap our comments section to spread all over the internet – I’m trying to have a life here and ya’ll are taking time away from that. 🙂

ETA5: And these partnerships are leaking like a sieve now, kids – producer @thedchannel features Gleb on a shopping spree in her IG story…and you hear him say they’re “in Nashville”. Unless this is all some elaborate ruse to throw us all off the real partnerships, it’s looking like the laziest of the male pros (and one who really shaded his last partner) just got handed someone that’s guaranteed to get him to at least the halfway point of this season, if not further. Anyone else seriously hoping for a Hail Mary tomorrow, with Gronk & Camille announcing they’re the 13th and 14th celebs? Cause this season is tanking FAST… -Court-

ETA4: Val is pictured outdoors at his partner’s place – which has outdoor furniture exactly like Christie Brinkley’s. Scroll to the bottom. Imma go with that until I hear otherwise. We also have lots of other clues to other couples (Lindsay/SS??? Hannah/Alan??) but no concrete proof just yet. ~Heidi

ETA5: A few more pairings based on some deductive reasoning. And Hannah got papped. 🙂 ~Heidi

ETA6: Court showed me photos that convinced me that Sasha and Ally are paired…but I’m running out the door so maybe she’ll post them when she gets home… 🙂 **Court adding: Scroll down for the smoking gun heels…and thank you to those of you on Twitter who take the time to put together solid photographic evidence! You’re the real ones 😉

Karamo Brown

Hannah Brown – Alan

Lauren Alaina – Gleb

James Van Der Beek (We are guessing Emma but don’t know for sure)

Ray Lewis – Cheryl

Kate Flannery

Ally Brooke – Sasha

Lamar Odom – Jenna???

Kel Mitchell – Witney

Sean Spicer – Lindsay

Christie Brinkley – Val

Mary Wilson