DWTS 16 Interview Roundup After The Cast Announcement, Some Of First Dances Revealed

George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet was at the Dancing With The Stars Cast Announcement to interview all the couples today. It’s so great to see him as always and he dives right into it all asking the couples on their strengths and weaknesses. We also find out what dance some of the couples have? Are you ready? Let’s do it…

First up, Dorothy and Tristan! Dorothy Hamill is so excited to dance with her new teacher. Tristan is also excited to have an athlete and to see how Dorothy can move. He’s looking forward to teaching her. They both think her competitiveness, experience, and confidence on the ice rink in the past will be her strengths. Isn’t it great to see her again Ice Skating fans? Wow!

Jacoby and Karina!! George thinks Jacoby is going to be one of the most “playful” contestants this season. He’s goofy too, but, Karina says he’s already a task master just like with his football ability. The Cha Cha is their first dance and Jacoby says he hopes to bring a “big personality” to the dance floor.

Ingo and Kym! George first brings up about how Ingo is an athlete and a “Stand Up Paddler”. Ingo is scared though and jokes about a nightmare he had with a horrible costume design. His one word to describe Dancing With The Stars right now is “panic”, but, Kym is confident in him. They have a contemporary dance as their first dance and he is doing good in practice so far.

Mark says Aly is sassy, bright, and bubbly and is ready to go. He couldn’t have asked for a better partner. They talk of Aly’s personality, showmanship, discipline, and grace for a couple of her characteristics she will bring to the show. They are anxious to get started.

George starts out telling Andy how fearless he is. Sharna says they’ve already been working hard and that they’ve already built trust and a foundation. She thinks Andy is going to surprise America. They will bring comic relief, but, Andy is hoping to show people he can dance too. He’s competitive and doesn’t want to be voted off. They have the Fox Trot as their first dance. Sharna says Andy is already connecting to the character.

Zendaya wants Val to be tough and serious with her and yet, she wants to have fun too. Val says Zendaya is his first priority now and he’s excited for their story to happen. She’s looking forward to learn more other kinds of dancing versus rap for what she’s use to. She wants to do her very very best. Great attitude.

Here is the interview for Victor and Lindsay, but, for some reason I can’t get it to play. Hopefully, the issue is resolved soon….

Lisa and Gleb! Lisa is not sure she can dance, but, part of doing something new is the ‘charm’ of it all. She wants to have a lot of fun. Gleb agrees and jokes how they plan to have Vodka before and after practice. On the serious side, Gleb says he is looking forward to concentrating on Lisa’s strengths, beauty, and good qualities.

DL tells George that Cheryl is already tough and demanding and what it will take to win. He may be a funny guy, but, he is a “warrior” and plans to work hard, listen, and do his best. Cheryl talks of how important their packages and personality are on Dancing With The Stars. DL says Cheryl is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Lastly, Tony tells George that Wynonna is witty, funny, and gets his jokes. Wynonna comes back and says she’s already putting up with him A LOT! Wynonna plans to put Tony in chaps (only) to feed her 50 animals on her farm. She goes to Target and plans to take Tony with her there too, but, Wynonna plans to get serious too and do the work it takes. She hopes to show women that they can do anything they want and that you can enjoy yourself along the way. She’s done her homework on Tony too. Be sure to watch the end to see what I mean….

Access Hollywood also interviewed all of the couples, be sure to see them here.

Derek and Kellie made their press rounds as well today. Heidi will be gathering everythng up and you can take in their interviews and more at Pure Derek Hough.