Who Will Be Rooting On The Sidelines For The New Cast Of Dancing With The Stars?

Who will be on the sidelines cheering for the new cast of Dancing With The Stars Season 16? ABC has a cool write-up about it which is a fun read today. Below is a take on Wynonna and her husband and family. Did you know that her husband had a motorcycle accident in South Dakota last year and had to have his leg amputated?

Most of the real-life partners this season aren’t nearly as famous as their star spouses, though Wynona Judd’s husband Cactus Moser made headlines last year when his left leg was amputated above the knee following a motorcycle accident in South Dakota.

Moser’s leg was severed at the scene and doctors in Rapid City performed the surgery. He also underwent surgery to his hand.

The accident came just a couple months after Judd married her drummer husband in a sunset wedding on June 10, 2012, at her farm in Leiper’s Fork, Tenn. According to Us Weekly, Judd wore a Houri Barahimi dress and no shoes for the ceremony.

“I felt a joy that hasn’t been there before,” Judd said of her third marriage.

Now Judd is finally ready to take the plunge on the dance floor, after being asked for six years. “This is something I said I would never do,” she told ABC, adding “It’s the year of doing things that you’re scared of.”

No doubt she’ll have the support of Moser and her two children, Grace and Elijah, from her marriage to businessman Arch Kelley III.

More on most of the other celebs and their families at ABC.

Speaking of the new cast and on another topic, Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly makes her predictions on the cast. Don’t take what she says to heart though as she is there to entertain and be snarky. What’s fun though is seeing the pictures they have featured. Go HERE if you’d like to see and read more.