DWTS16 Week 5: Dance Details Revealed, Celebs Have Two Dances To Learn, Past Pros Returning

So, let’s go straight to George Pennacchio from On The Red Carpet. He talked with 6 of the remaining couples after the show last night. Note that they have TWO dances next week….one where they have two pros join them for their individual dance and a Group Number to dance in as well.

First up, Zendaya and Val! These two have the Argentine Tango next week. Maks and Anna will be dancing with them at the beginning of their dance. Zendaya is looking forward to the challenge and dancing with Maks (more on this at the end of this post too with an article from E News!).

Andy and Sharna were scared last night. They are so relieved to be coming back. Sharna then explains their new dance and how two pros will join them in the beginning. They have to do synchronized dancing with them and then they do their solo dance. It will be ‘frightening and exciting at the same time’. They have a Paso Doble which will have fire, power, and intensity and a little bit of “Andy Dick” flavoring with a character and a story. Sharna also explains the Group dance that they will be a part of. Sharna also mentions how she’s dancing in a dance number that Derek and Mark are choreographing. (they have me so excited again. I can’t wait!)

Kym and Ingo have a Cha Cha next week!!! Ingo’s back hurts and Kym tells him he has to move his hips. They will be dancing with Tony Dovolani and Emma Slater. Kym reassures Ingo that he will be ok and they will help him look good and not the worst.

Sean plans to work harder this week. He feels he disappointed Peta and wants to do better and blow everyone away. Peta explains their two new dances and how they will have to practice 10 extra hours this week for the Group dance. For their individual dance, they have the Quickstep.

D.L. is feeling better about dancing and is able to breathe a little now. He’s like the shoe you can’t get rid. He and Cheryl have the Tango next week. He’s excited to dance with three pros.

Victor and Lindsay review last night and get goofy with George. On the serious side, Victor says he needs to put in more time and effort now. They have the Viennese Waltz. If he could have a signature dance, he would just dance.

There aren’t any Access Hollywood interviews at this time, but, like yesterday, be watching this link as they might post them later and maybe we can find out more on next weeks dances?

Also, E News has an article up about Maks and how he is returning to the ballroom next week as well as Chelsie Hightower, Tony Dovolani, and Tristan MacManus. Below is a take….

Even Val is surprised that Maks is hitting the ballroom floor again so soon, though he points out it’s only for one episode (in which many other pros will be returning to dance alongside the current contestants), and is motivationsare purely bromantic.

“I just found it funny that they found a way to get him back!” Val said with a laugh. “If he were to ever come back, it would be in this fashion. He’s really excited to dance again, especially to dance side by side with us.”

And though Maks doesn’t want to be a part of the show this season as a series regular, it’s possible we’ll see more of him, as he is contracted through 2015.

For the time being, “Maks is really happy for me,” Val tells us. “Really excited for me and is really glad [I’m doing the show].”

Chelsie Hightower, Tony Dovolani, and Tristan MacManus are also expected to return next week.

Ok, that is all for now Guys!! πŸ˜‰ Let us know what you think of everything and more later! πŸ˜‰ xx

UPDATE: Afterbuzz is starting to load up some interviews from last night. Be sure to see them all here. Below is Jacoby and Karina….

UPDATE2: Below are some interviews with Tony and Extra….

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