DWTS Season 17 Watchouts: Britney Spears And Lindsay Lohan??

Just a few more Dancing With The Stars rumors and watchouts to add…though mark these in the highly “skeptical” department.

The first is Britney Spears!! Today she tweeted that she was rehearsing for something “top secret” next week. The tweet reads as follows….

Taking a quick break to say hi to all my tweeps 🙂 Rehearsing for something top secret happening next week… #WERK

It’s most likely something music related (a new single or a Las Vegas gig?) in my opinion, but, her official site raises a even more eyebrows being there is a countdown to a date that is the same as the premiere of Dancing With The Stars. So coincidental.

Secondly, there is speculation as to why Val Chmerkovskiy is now following Lindsay Lohan at his twitter? As you know, Lindsay has been rumored for several seasons. She’s got her life together now and she’s never looked better. So, is it possible she’s dancing? Though this past week, Lindsay has been seen in New York City instead of Los Angeles. So, not sure how true this could be? But, could it be a possibility for next season like we reported in this post recently?

Heidi, penny for your thoughts!!

Heidi: Yeaaahhhh….I’ve seen the Britney one is starting to spread over the Internet, and Vogue isn’t the only one to ask me about it. I just can’t believe this show would be able to get either of these women. It kinda boggles the mind. I suppose Lindsay is currently the more needy of career rehab at the moment, but still. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m highly skeptical. Highly.