Derek Hough Honored at the Emmy Choreographers Panel

Normally I don’t respond to petty complaints from fans when their favorite (who, ironically in this instance, is also MY favorite) isn’t getting the coverage on this site they think their favorite deserves. Come on, people. I also normally wouldn’t go backwards in time to pick something up that I neglected to cross post the first time around (I think – not even sure). But in this instance, I saw a tweet this morning that made me decide that I needed to go back to this topic. As a Derek fan, this actually brought a little tear to my eye. 🙂

Back on November 1st, the Emmys had a program called “The Choreographers – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. They had invited Derek but, prior to getting injured, he had a conflict. Once he got injured they added him back to the panel, which also included Nappytabs, Dancer/Fred Astaire’s Partner Barrie Chase, Robyn Astair, Marguerite Derricks, Keith Young, and Fred Tallakesen. Paula Abdul and Kenny Ortega were the hosts. Very nice words about Derek from Paula and Kenny (who told Derek that he would push his way to the front of the line to work with Derek on a Major Motion Picture). I’ve put just the Derek portion below, but if you want to watch the whole thing, which includes several clips of little seen Fred Astair dances – I never knew he had a TV show! – you can find it at the Emmy’s web page. It’s about an hour and a half long, but it’s pretty interesting.