PureDWTS Guest Poem For Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Week 5

Lois is back with another fun poem dedicated to the “most memorable year” theme on Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Week 5. Enjoy and thanks Lois!



A most memorable year was the theme in the ballroom air
Each star chose a time in their life, to perform and to share

Emotions were stirred, flowing as an underground spring
The stories told by the dancers flew as on an angels’ wing

Wives, children, deaths, new beginnings gave us a chill
Tears flowed like waterfalls, our hearts were almost still

Amber and Derek Foxtrotted to Try a Little Tenderness
Corbin and Karina Foxtrotted to My Wish with finesse

Leah and Tony performed their Contemporary to Roar
Brant and Peta’s Contemporary to Your Song did soar

Sasha and Nicole’s Work Bitch Jazz livened the crowd
Elizabeth, Val’s I’m So Excited Jive excitedly aroused

Jack and Cheryl Waltzed divinely to I’m Kissing You
Mark and Christina ChaChaCHad to Forget You, too

A Viennesse Waltz to She’s Always a Woman, so sweet
Bill and Emma were stunning and exquisite to the beat

A YEAR OF THE DANCE, stories beautifully expressed
Each star commentated their year as they did their best

One story was finished, Christina and Mark had to go
Come back next week and it will be on with the show!

Written By Lois A Troutman, October 16, 2013

What would you choose as your most memorable year?

I would choose March 22, 1975, the day I married Kenneth Troutman!
He was my Knight in Shining Armor! My rock! A most wonderful man!
On December 27, 1990, we found out Ken had prostate cancer.
Eleven years later on May 23, 2001, Ken lost his valiant fight.
He was 52 when he died. I was 50. We were married 26 years!
He is my Hero!