Dancing with the Stars Season 21 – Complete Cast List Live Blog!!

Good Reveal Day morning, Ya’ll!! Finally the tedium of the Day by Day (kinda sorta) reveal is over and it will all be out there for everyone to obsess over. If you haven’t been here in a while, or have never been here before, please do us the courtesy of reading the DWTS Season 21 Reveal Day-by-Day post and ALL of the comments before commenting here. It’s not fun for us to answer questions that have been asked (and answered) 500 times. ESPECIALLY if it’s something easily googled. Really, people, google is a wonderful thing. I’ve also added links to previous posts for couples that were revealed previously, so you have them for easy reference.

ETA: Figured out why Derek, at least, isn’t in NYC. His new TV show with Julianne and Maria Menounos started shooting last night. ย Yes, they turned their holiday dance battles into an ABC show. Very enterprising people, the Houghs…and Maria. ย I would imagine that the pros who are not present had other plans – and the power to say “can’t do it”. Or perhaps rehearsing with the celeb out of town who had previous plans, ala Allison.

ETA2: They brought out most of the announced celebs – those who could be there, obviously – and same with the pros. Looked like Val was expecting more of an ovation.

ETA3: Okay, I confess, Paula is cracking me up. Oh, look, the last celeb is down there!

REVEAL #1 – Bindi Irwin

REVEAL #2 – Victor Espinoza

REVEAL #3 – Nick Carter

REVEAL #4 – Hayes Grier

REVEAL #5 – Alexa Vega

REVEAL #6 – Carlos Pena, Jr.

REVEAL #7 – Chaka Kahn

REVEAL #8 – Andy Grammer

REVEAL #9 – Gary Busey

REVEAL #10 – Kim Zolciak

REVEAL #11 – Tamar Braxton

REVEAL #12 – Paula Deen

REVEAL #13 – Alekย Skarlatos

And here are the pairings…will update as the show progresses.

ETA: Ugh. Louis is definitely back.

The Pairs!!

Celebrity Height Pro Height Pro
Paula Deen 5ft. 5in. 5ft. 10in. Louis
Bindi Irwin 5ft. 1in. 5ft. 10in. Derek
Alexa Vega 5ft. 1in. 5ft. 8in. Mark
Tamar Braxton ?? 5ft. 10/11in. Val
Kim Zolciak 5ft. 9in. 6ft. 1in. Tony
Chaka Khan 5ft. 4in. 6ft. 2in. Keo
Hayes Grier ?? 5ft.5in. Emma
Alek Skarlatos ?? 5ft. 3in. Linday
Victor Espinoza 5ft. 2in. 5ft. 5in. Karina
Andy Grammer 6ft. 1in. 5ft. 6in. Allison
Nick Carter 6ft. 0in. 5ft. 6in. Sharna
Carlos Pena, Jr. 5ft.6in. 5ft. 3in. Witney
Gary Busey ?? ?? Anna

*My old research has Val at 5’9″ but I met him in the middle since Google has grown him since then. ๐Ÿ™‚ All heights are approximate. As I noted the other day – anyone can make any claim they want on the internet.