DWTS 15 All-Star Cast Rumors List: Who’s In, Who’s Out, Who’s a Maybe, Who Knows???

With all of the coverage of the upcoming all-star season we’ve been doing, we realize it can get a little hard to keep up and remember who’s said yes, who’s said no, who’s just a maybe, etc.  So for the sake of maintaining everyone’s sanity and trying to keep at least some degree of organization, here’s a handy list of what celebs we’ve been covering as it pertains to the all-star season, broken down by their original season, along with a brief summary of where they stand.  We’ll keep this post stuck to the main page until the cast announcement, and we’ll post updates in red as they come in. 

ETA #1: Updated with coverage of Joey Fatone & Trista Sutter, and an update of Ralph Macchio. 

ETA #2: Added info on Kelly Monaco. 

ETA #3: Update on Maria Menounos. 

ETA #4: A little over 24 hours until the cast announcement and updates & rumors coming fast & furious! Thanks Vogue & Heidi :-)Updates on Gilles Marini, Joey Fatone, Melissa Rycroft, Stacy Keibler, Kendra Wilkinson, & Carson Kressley; added info on Melissa Joan-Hart & Pamela Anderson. 

Season 1:

Trista Sutter – a few interesting tweets that seemed to imply she was heading somewhere to do something secret, but now says she is definitely not taking part in the all-star season 🙁
Kelly Monaco – hinted at a GH fan event that she was “going to need fans’ help with something that’s getting announced next Friday!”

Season 2:

Stacy Keibler – played coy, said “possibly” if she was asked to return; says we’ll “have to wait & find out”; rumored as a possible X-Factor host; Entertainment Weekly claiming she’s not likely to do the show
Drew Lachey – said he “had a blast and would be open to doing it again”, but wasn’t sure how things would play out

Season 3:

Jerry Springer – said he may do SOMETHING for the show and would love to be in the audience, but wouldn’t dance again
Mario Lopez – spilled the beans about being asked to do the all-star season on Live with Kelly way back in May, and was thinking about it; however, he now says he’s “too busy” and “doesn’t think he’ll be able to do it” – mentioned as a rumored candidate to host X-factor
Joey Lawrence – asked fans on Twitter to vote for him to get on the all-star season

Season 4:

Joey Fatone – says he isn’t really sure if he’d do it or not, and that he hasn’t gotten a call yet; Entertainment Weekly claiming he’s “likely” to do the show

Season 5:

Mel B – several sites reporting she’s “practically a done deal”; a few tweets to Maks that seem to suggest she’s up for it

Season 6:

None yet

Season 7:

Misty May-Treanor – posted her reasons for wanting to do the all-star season on her Facebook page; says she “hopes they’ll give her the opportunity to finish”
Cloris Leachman – said she wants to come back and “finish those last 4 episodes, since I was voted out in week 6!”; but she did mention her knee replacement being a factor, and you really never can tell if Cloris is serious or kidding 😛
Lance Bass – early rumor reported by US Weekly, but nothing since then

Season 8:

Gilles Marini – says he was asked to do the all-star season “a long time ago”, and if he can work out his schedule, he’ll “probably” end up doing it; “plead the fifth” when asked to confirm if he would be on the all-star season or not
Shawn Johnson – says the show was “really challenging” and the she “doesn’t think she could do another one”; however, she’s also said on Twitter that she does want to do it again and hopes she gets asked
Melissa Rycroft – early rumor reported by US Weekly; Entertainment Weekly claiming she’s “likely to do the show”

Season 9:

Donny Osmond – says he’s busy, but “would love to get that trophy again”
Louie Vito – said he’d “love to do it again”, and thinks he “could handle the pressure better” now that he’s older
Kelly Osbourne – early rumor reported by US Weekly; rumored as a possible candidate to host X-Factor
Melissa Joan-Hart – says she’s having a baby soon, and didn’t really have a good time the first time she did DWTS – so it’s a no

Season 10:

Erin Andrews – mentioned that she had been approached by producers to do the all-star season, but would be covering college football at the same time; also rumored as a possible candidate to host X-Factor
Nicole Scherzinger – hasn’t said anything explicitly, but has signed on as a judge for the next season of X-Factor UK…which makes doing the all-star season almost impossible
Pamela Anderson – Entertainment Weekly claiming she’s “likely to do the show”

Season 11:

Margaret Cho – said on The View that she wants to return for the all-star season, and she wants Sherri Shepherd to do it too
Kurt Warner – said it was a “great experience”, but too hard on his body
Brandy –  emphasized how “scary” doing the show was the first time and how she’s “not sure she even wants to be asked to do it again”
Bristol Palin – one source reporting she’s “confirmed” for the all-star season.  We’re skeptical 🙂
Kyle Massey – early rumor reported by US Weekly, but nothing since then

Season 12:

Kendra Wilkinson – said she’d definitely come back if the producers called; said they “hadn’t called yet” as of Monday
Ralph Macchio – said he had fun the first time, but “isn’t dying to get back out onto the dance floor” – also mentioned how hard it is doing the show at his age; now confirms that he won’t be back for the all star season
Mike Catherwood – said he “doesn’t want to come back”, but would if he got a hefty paycheck…and I’m not sure they want him that badly.  🙂 He’s also another rumored X-Factor host candidate.
Chelsea Kane – said “maybe” to the prospect of returning, but “the sequel is never as good as the original”
Romeo – says DWTS “was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life”, and that he’d have to give it “a lot of consideration & thinking”

Season 13:

Rob Kardashian – said it “sounded fun” and like “hard work”, but had no idea if he would do it or not
Carson Kressley – insinuated in a tweet that he might make an appearance on the all-star season; Entertainment Weekly claiming he might be one of the all-stars we can vote on
Ricki Lake – too busy with her new talk show to return to DWTS

Season 14:

Maria Menounos – being reported as a rumor, and suggested on Extra that she & Mario Lopez do the all-star season together; mentioned that she was “so excited” to be back in the studio with Derek

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