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The Wannabes And Dreamers Of Dancing With The Stars Season 17

Up until this week, what a semi-lacking rumor season it’s been this off season for Dancing With The Stars Season 17! Court was just remarking to Heidi and I last week how unusually quiet it’s been and it’s so true. Even the twitter campaigning for celebrities has been more quiet than the norm. Maybe with the shake ups for the new season, this means a shake up for the rumor season too? Instead for this off season, it seems more fans are campaigning more for their favorite pros (who didn’t dance last season) to return instead….Maks Chmerkovskiy, Chelsie Hightower, and Anna Trebunskaya especially! We’ve also seen an occasion plea for a return of Louis Val Amstel and Dmitry Chaplin.

Also, we usually see a few stars out there campaigning to dance on Dancing With The Stars, but so far, this is pretty nil as well. Though it’s still early too and anything can happen, but, here is what we HAVE noticed for the few fans and stars who are campaigning or who are supporting the campaigning from fans! I also want to ask for my co-horts in crimes thoughts on everything on this topic for what they think!! So look for Courtney’s and Heidi’s input to this post as well. Let us know what you think too and who you’ve seen campaigns for!

First up, Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan. As you might remember, Mallory remarked several times last season and after she won Miss America she very much would like to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Just take a look at her twitter page to see her retweeting all the fans who are out there campaigning for her. Here are just a few of many here and here. I’m taking this as a sign she still very much would like to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Note too that soon Mallory will be free of her Miss America duties come September 15th after the new Miss America is chosen. Hmmm, can you tell I’m hoping for this one? 🙂 As for the rest, well….

We’ve also noticed some campaigning for teen mom Maci Bookout since she competed in a Dancing With The Stars charity event this summer. Maci has also been rumored to dance in Dancing With The Stars Season 13.

Thirdy, Deena Cortese!! We want to mention Deena since The Blaze is reporting that Geraldo Rivera was referencing her in his tweet that he declined an offer from Dancing With The Stars. As you might remember, Deena was campaigning hard to dance last season and a few of her fans are still campaigning and hoping she’ll dance this season.

And we can’t forget about this one… Beth Chapman!! Every day and with every season, it seems someone is always campaigning for her. In the past she’s been very vocal about wanting to do Dancing With The Stars, but, if you take a look at her twitter currently, she’s not been so vocal this off season. Note how she was turned down by the show in season 14 since they already had their cast selected at the time.

Lastly, Olympian swimmer Ryan Lotche! Lots of his fans haven’t given up campaigning for him to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Dancing With The Stars even asked him to dance last season, but, E Online reported in April that he turned them down since he wanted his own reality show which he got. Note how he recently won two gold medals at Worlds. It sounds like he is a very busy guy, but, could he fit in Dancing With The Stars this season if asked again?

Courtney: Sorry, but I’m a big fat “no” for all of the above – Mallory won’t stop talking about it, I find most of the Teen Mom stars to be highly immature, Deena’s a has-been since Jersey Shore wrapped, I don’t think Beth is notable enough, and I’m pretty sure Lochte’s got the IQ of a carrot.

Heidi: A really STOOPID carrot. In fact, comparing him to a carrot is a disservice to carrots. 😀  Gotta agree with Court. Deena is over, Beth is nowhere, and Maci who?? As for Miss America?? Nah, her reign isn’t over soon enough and that pageant is a non-event in this country in any case. Would they go that route now, with their ratings situation?? I don’t think so.

August 9, 2013 I Written By

Hi, I'm a news hounds from way back. Since 1999, I've worked on Madonna and Enrique Iglesias fan sites....and now PureDWTS. I have always been a big music and dancing fan, but, I'm also passionate about photography, nature, animals, and spending as much time as possible travelling and camping with my hubby and our loving and patriotic doggie, Cash. To read more on me and view my photos (including some dancers from DWTS), see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at: Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS Season 13 – Rumor Roundup Part 1!!

Okay, as I joked the other day, the tabloid wars are getting out of hand, with one outlet with a great track record (TMZ) is setting up rumors while other outlets, some reputable and some with no track record on DWTS rumors, shooting them down.  It’s crazy, it’s wild….it’s a helluva lot of fun. 🙂 But…it’s hard to keep track of also! Who was rumored, who was shot down, who out and out denied they were doing the show?? Well, that’s why I’m writing this post – to try and make sense of it all and make a list of where we stand now. I don’t know about most of our readers, but this is actually one of my favorite parts of DWTS – trying to figure out who’s going to do the show before…they actually do the show. 🙂

My guess is that Chynna, Christina, Rob and Kristin…and maybe Jenni…will turn out to be true. We’ll see!!

Note: Vogue is reading this before it’s posted…but that doesn’t mean it will be perfect. If we left someone off – please tell us and we’ll update accordingly. DO NOT tell me about people who are campaigning or who want to be on the show – this is for actual rumors. I’m putting a list of wannabes at the bottom – but they are not the same as “rumored to be in talks” or “rumored to be doing the show.”

Chynna PhillipsPerez Hilton reported this yesterday, but it was originally mentioned that she was in talks quite some time ago by us, via The Insider.

Christina Milian – First reported by US Weekly back in July, along with Rob Kardashian, Christina seems fairly solid. Only because Hollywood life (and as recently as August 12)and others are saying she’s in, and no one’s managed to shoot them down yet.  She also had an interesting reaction to a question about DWTS, as we mentioned earlier.

Rob Kardashian – Another potential dancer who is being mentioned by many of the outlets and hasn’t been shot down yet. Along with Christina, he was originally mentioned by US Weekly in July. He addressed the rumors in an interesting non-denial similar to that of Kate Gosselin.

Kristin CavallariAccess Hollywood reported this one and no one has shot it down yet, to the best of my knowledge.

Ron Artest – Originally said to be in talks by TMZ, Ron has since said he will not be on this season.

Snooki – First she was, then she wasn’t, then she was open to it…who the hell knows?

Leila Arcieri – gave a rather vague answer when asked about DWTS.

Queen Latifa – Originally rumored by TMZ, this one was shot down by her reps.

Tommy Lee – was apparently asked and apparently said “hell no“.

Rosanne Barr – was apparently asked and would like to, but she needs body parts replace first. 🙂

Tiffany Thiessen – First, she said no, but then other outlets, such as TMZ and Hollywood Life as of August 12, are still claiming she is dancing, even though Tiffany herself shot down the original rumors. As recently as yesterday, Perez claims she’s dancing.

Jenni Rivera – This rumor is purely twitter driven…but not impossible. 🙂

Matthew Finley – first reported back in June, we haven’t heard his name mentioned very much lately.

Ashley HebertHollywood Life reported that Ashley was “in negotiations” with DWTS back in June while the Bachelorette was still airing, but we haven’t heard much on that lately. The silence is rather deafening. DWTS has a bit of a track record with that franchise, as you may recall. I would not be surprised if they keep the incestuous relationship going.

Evelyn Lozada – Chad Ochocinco claimed to TMZ that Evelyn was “in talks” to do the show.  Then, we reported on a Tweet from Evelyn that sort of implied she was doing the show.

Chaz Bono – I kinda doubt this one, mainly because Extra had a story on it and then pulled it, as we reported a while back.

Bobby Flay – This is another rumor that’s only been mentioned once.  This is one busy guy, so…

Kelly Preston – I never put much stock in this one, but you never know!! Showbiz Spy claimed back in April that she had “auditioned” for the show – which is the first clue they don’t know what they’re talking about. I’ve never heard of anyone having to audition before. In any case, it’s not impossible, as Kelly isn’t that far removed from a Kirstie Alley or Jennifer Grey.

Melissa Gilbert – Melissa’s name has been on many a fan wishlist, but no real rumors until this past May when The National Enquirer brought it up and we repeated it. 🙂 And, interestingly, Melissa tweeted a link to our post! That was nice.  She said no in a weird kinda way as well, which makes me inclined to leave her on the “possible” list.

Sherri Shephard – This lady has wanted to do the show for a long time and appears to have a crush on Maks, but something (or someone) seems to be preventing her from doing the show. Back in June, she was tweeting about the show, and she’s talked about it alot on the View. Wendy Williams claimed she was in talks to do the show in July.   I wonder if their producers won’t let her out to do DWTS.  Seems like we’ve talked about her a lot here. Last word was on August 1, where she supposedly turned an offer down.

Davy Jones – Davy was supposedly asked and “supposedly” turned the offer down. His “no” was rather confusing. 🙂

Hulk HoganHollywood Life takes him out of the running before he was even IN the running.

Candice Cameron Bure – There’s something funny going on here. 🙂 Waaay back in February, we reported that the New York Post was saying Candice was rumored to be participating. She subsequently shot that rumor down via Twitter on February 16, saying she hadn’t been asked. However, since then her name has come up again because of an interesting tweet (again).  She was tweeting Erin Andrews and had asked about Evan Lysacek.  Again, she KIND OF denied it, but in a very strange way. In a way that makes some of us (Evaine, me, Vogue) think perhaps there is more to the story. Evaine is hoping this is about Candice’s husband Valeri Bure, retired hockey player. I guess we’ll see. 🙂

Shawn Marion – He’s afraid that there won’t be an NBA lock out and DWTS would interfere with his season, per a couple previous stories we posted about him.

Bridgit Mendler – a fan site claimed they had been told she was doing the show, but her rep has since denied it.

Alex Morgan – A member of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, Alex mentioned in an interview that she had a show she would be working on for a couple months that she couldn’t talk about. We thought maybe it was DWTS, but twitter chatter says she said it was a cameo. Well, Cameo roles don’t take “a couple months” as far as I know. 🙂

Dina Lohan – I dunno if this is a rumor or more like a wannabe on steroids.  In any case we haven’t heard much about her lately.

The WANNABE Dancers – I could not possibly do a complete list of wannabes, but here are a few who’ve really made it known

Hope Solo – this is more like MAKS wannabe dancer and wishful thinking. But hey, something got him to change his mind, maybe it was Hope?

Theresa Guidice – She’s been trying very hard to get on the show, but they apparently said “NO“. 🙂

Shaquille O’Neal – Pretty sure this one was an assumption by the original source and not a real rumor.

Regis Philbin – remember, Regis said he’d been asked to do the show, but only if he could dance with Derek. 🙂

Jodie Sweetin – we mentioned her way back in Februrary because she had mentioned wanting to do the show. Plus, she likes Derek but started following Maks, so we thought maybe she knew something. Well, she didn’t dance on Season 12 (neither did Derek) so I thought I would include her here. Old rumors often come back to life around here, you know. 🙂  Of course, this is more campaign than rumor, but there you go.

Lee Merriwhether, Mackenzie Westmore, Maci Bookout and Dee Wallace

Ellen K – Ryan Seacrest’s pal, and she certainly has more of an “in” with the show than others, but still this one is wishful thinking. We think. 🙂

Sig Hansen – this guy has been rumored for, like, 2 years now so I’ve downgraded him to a wishful thinker. 🙂

Randy Jones, Michael E. Knight, Jason Alexander and Colleen Zenk

August 15, 2011 I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

DWTS 13 – Dancing With The Stars Cast 13 Wannabes Starting To Line Up

The Dancing With The Stars Cast 13 “Wannabes” are starting to line up for Season 13. As reported to you earlier, we know Melissa Gilbert very much wants to dance on the show. All it’s going to take is a “phone call”.

Also, Lee Meriwether has also expressed great interest in the past couple of Seasons to dance. Will this be the Season Lee lights us up on the dance floor? I really hope so. Below is a recent tweet Lee posted this past Season when she went to the show. She also mentions wanting actress McKenzie Westmore to do the show with her.

And then there is actress Dee Wallace!! PureDWTS reader Nathan sent us a heads up on this news Monday. Dee appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new book “Bright Light”. At the end of the interview they ask her is she’d like to do Dancing With The Stars. Bashful and with a lot of heart, she replied that she’d love to do the show.

Finally, News Vindication via US Weekly is reporting ‘Teen Mom’ star Maci Bookout is hoping to dance on the show. She and Bristol Palin struck up a friendship last Season. So, could this be a possible contender in the making?

Teen Mom 2 star Maci Bookout is hoping to follow in the footsteps of reality stars Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Kate Gosselin by expressing interest to appear on an upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

US Weekly reported that Maci has vehemently expressed interest in competing on the show. Then again, who wouldn’t want to get an invitation to compete on one of the world’s biggest stages? The media frenzy surrounding Kate Gosselin’s recent appearance as well as Sorrentino’s has done nothing but enhance their celebrity status.

Let’s also not forget about Colleen Zenk and Jodi Sweetin as well rumored from last Season. Colleen’s team is still campaigning hard for her and we know Colleen is up for this show in more ways than one. This past season Jodi would tweet her thoughts on the show almost every week at her twitter account and some have said she has expressed she’d like to dance with Derek Hough and yet, she follows Maks at her twitter account.

Ok, that’s all for now. So, what do you think of the people above? Would you be open to any or all of them dancing? I like all of them but Maci Bookout. I would think her profile would be repeating Bristol’s too much?

As always, I look forward to your thoughts.xx

Heidi’s Note: I saw this last night from Pro Motocross racer Josh Hansen, which I believe is a joke directed at Louie Vito. But you never know… so just in case…

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June 2, 2011 I Written By

Hi, I'm a news hounds from way back. Since 1999, I've worked on Madonna and Enrique Iglesias fan sites....and now PureDWTS. I have always been a big music and dancing fan, but, I'm also passionate about photography, nature, animals, and spending as much time as possible travelling and camping with my hubby and our loving and patriotic doggie, Cash. To read more on me and view my photos (including some dancers from DWTS), see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at: Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.